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    Re: Top five favorites?

    1. Barra..anyway you like
    2. Longtail tuna on the long wand
    3. Gaint herring..also on fly
    4. Big coral trout on baitcaster with 20kg gelspun
    5. Spanish on a big livie...seeing it sniffing around and the bait getting all toey!!.

    I was tempted to put barra 1 through 5, each with different gear. Sailfish really should be in there somewhere but what do I leave out??

    Got to love living up North..if you can't fillet 'em with a chainsaw...use 'em as bait.

    Cheers mate


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    Re: Top five favorites?

    Anything dumb enough to take my lure/bait.
    1 Jacks
    2 Barras
    3 Yellas
    4 Togas
    5 Bream

    If there's water and fish... any thing will do

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    5-1 here we go,

    5. Mahi mahi on crome slug
    4. Jungle perch on micro hard bod
    3. PNG Jungle Bass on popper
    2. Yellowfin Tuna on plastic
    1. Big Bad Bonefish on anything

    Better than an orgasm i reckon

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    Fish I've caught:

    5. Barra
    4. Longtail on fly
    3. Sambos on jigs
    2. Black Marlin
    1. Blue Marlin

    Dream Fish

    5. Mega Sambos
    4. Black Bass
    3. Big GTs on Poppers
    2. Big Blues
    1. Grander Black


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    Re: Top five favorites?

    Quote Originally Posted by raefpud
    5-1 here we go,


    Better than an orgasm i reckon
    And even *that* can be a bit fishy at times! ;-)

    kev..........gets more fish than orgasms.

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    Mackerel snapper tailor big bream and whiting

    Add jew off the beach and parrot offshore and that will keep me happy for a few years yet. Most fun I've had was black marlin and king fish with Rob, and Longtails in the bay.

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    On a fly rod, in order
    a biggish LongTom 3' long
    A biggish Spaniard,
    Shark Mackerel,

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