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    Top five favorites?

    I was just wondering, what are your top five favorite fish to catch? Also, what would be your dream fish to catch? I'll get the ball rolling with mine:

    5. Crappie
    4. White/yellow bass
    3. Bluegill
    2. Perch
    1. Smallmouth bass

    Dream catch: A giant Muskie. Big toothy critter. They are in the pike family. Think something along the lines of a freshwater barracuda.

    That's it for me, how about your favorites.


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    Re: Top five favorites?

    Hi El_carpo
    The only fish I would like to really catch is a jewie (mulloway) in tassie. Been trying to catch one for 10 years down in tassie, have not heard of one being caught commercially or any other way.
    They catch plenty of the buggers 200km away and we get all the species they seem to catch as by catch when they are fishing for them
    anyway thats what dreams are for i suppose

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    A big Spaniard or any large pelagic for that matter. I've had the runs but just never managed to connect as yet, or been bitten clean through.

    I'd also like to catch a big jewie.

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    top five starting with least fav
    5 Dolphin fish on 6lb
    4 kingiys on 10-15kg
    3 whitting (to eat and one of the only i will keep to eat)
    2 australian bass on lures
    1 BREAM on lures anywhere and anytime

    my dream fish to get is still a nice size blue marlin! but then again who doesn't dream of that!

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    Top five starting with least:
    4.Red emperor
    1.MARLIN,never caught one but want too!!!

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    5. King Salmon
    4. Barra
    3. Jew
    2. Red Emporer
    1. Spanish Mackerel

    Never caught 1 and 2. And only smaller legals of the others, want to get a few biguns.

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    1. black marlin
    2. sailfish
    3. yellowfin tuna
    4. longtail tuna
    5. spotties

    *if i had caught them numbers 3 and 4 would read
    3. blue marlin
    4. striped marlin

    gimme a few weeks and i will hopefully be able to add them to the list!

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    if you haven't caught the fish how do you know they are your faviort fish to catch??? shouln't they be on your dream list???

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    Of recent,have had a growing attachment to pelagics, but still gotto say big snapper,and pearl perch gotta hit the top of the list

    Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish)..
    Kingy (OK,,so that is six ! )

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    1 spanish mackerel 2 snapper 3 big sweetlip 4 jew 5 whiting. the last one a bit of ringer dut thay are the best eating around

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    At the moment, my favourite fish is anything that is kind enough to take my bait. At the moment that seems to be bream and whiting. I am going to make a big effort targetting bream the next few months and then flathead in the spring.



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    Re: Top five favorites?

    1. Spaniards on livies
    2. Barra tight up in a snag
    3. Mangrove Jack on lure
    4. Queenies on poppas
    5. Red Emp. for eating

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    1. Australian Bass
    2. Saratoga
    3. Golden Perch
    4. Flathead

    It's a bit hard living in Toowoomba and only fishing the salt twice a year on average. Not that many differnet species of fish in dams up here so the list is pretty boring.
    I hope to add Murry Cod to the list this year.

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    Re: Top five favorites?

    1. Mackeral - barries, spotties and even schoolies are all fun
    2. Wahoo - nuthin goes faster !
    3. Snapper
    4. Pearlies
    5. Tuna - dont eat them but they are great fun.

    1. Tailor
    2. Jew
    3. Bream
    4. Flathead

    Bugger it they are all fun !



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    Re: Top five favorites?

    any fish that jumps, 5 marlin would be fine.

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