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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    Can't really remember the first fish, but I'm guessing it was a little swallow tail or bream out of a surf gutter on a hand line that was thrown out for me at around 6 or 7 years old.
    I do remember calling out to dad every time a wave landed on the line and telling him I think I got a fish biting, and him trying his hardest to encourage me not to reel it in every time, coz he'd have to throw it out for me for the 10th time with the same bait.
    Think the "handline" was a 20m length of 15lb line tied and wrapped around a coke bottle. Old piece of cork jammed in the mouth to push the hook into when not in use.
    We used to do the usual kid style of retrieve; start backing up the beach and only manage to get about 3 or 4 wraps of line actually spooled. Then as soon as the fish was flapping in the waters edge, we'd stop and point at it 15m away and start sceaming I got a fish. Dad would then start waving his arms around and tell us to get the thing out of the water before we lose it, so there was another 10m up the beach we'd run.
    Saw the whole thing repeated about 25 years later except it was my nephew, a little cheap rod and eggbeater, and his Dad and Uncle Jeff waving their arms around.
    Nothing better.

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    I've been told that my first fish was a Whiting from Botany Bay when I was three but I can't recall it. My first clear recollection is of a Trout caught on a worm in Scotland near Ballach where we lived for a couple of years. I was four or five and my grandfather (a dedicated fly fisherman) dug up a worm and put it on a fly, cast it out and told me to hold on while he and my father took a refreshment break. I then caught the only fish of the day. My grandfather passed away over thirty years ago but I still fish with my father.

    Cheers Neil

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    well i dont know when my first fish was but i do remember my first offshore fish which was when i was about 10 years old and i hate to admit it but it was a bloody happy moment caught at DI Point >
    Cheers Greg The place for wicked fish pics, articles and DVD's. Your ultimate reef fishing DVD "Double Island Point & Beyond" on sale now.

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    i cant remember my first fish but my first memory was a big bream (aparentlly 35cm) from port stevens when i was 4 caught on a old cork hand line i remember i couldnt get it in and dad said if i cant get it in the boat he would cut the line so i made sure i could get it in the boat. now i out fish him every week when we go fishing now whos laughing (still cant drink him under the table though)


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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    Some pretty interesting stories and laughs comming out here. Most enjoyable.


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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    good thread ben!
    i remember when i caught my first fish at cleveland marina (cant remember the name its near the train station) it was a 25 cm bream, and i wasn't able to even unhook it! I spose it was unfamiliar to me, and now i am able to unhook dolphin fish, spotties etc thanks to mackmauler (rob) so i reckon i have come a long way!
    cheers jack
    p.s that was 2 years ago

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    I am not certain, but I think it would be a whiting at Bribie Island on one of our annual holidays. My first rod was a cheap kids 5 foot (it was red - with 4 brothers we each had to have different colours so we didn't fight and red was always my colour for everything) rod with an egg beater reel. I remember usually being the last one fishing with Dad after my brothers got bored and decided to swim/build sand castles etc.

    I am still fishing with Dad and am still the only son that does it. (although I am the one helping him with his knots, bait, unsnagging etc. now rather than the other way round).



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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    I can't really remember my first fish as my dad started me fishing by about 3 years old. My first real memory of serious fishing (for a kid anyway) was when we spent school holidays every year at Telebudgerra caravan park. First thing I would do every day is grab the rod and head down to the water and catch half a dozen whiting for breakfast (before any one else was even awake). I must have been about 5 or 6 at that stage.

    32 years later and nothing has changed, I still get up at silly hours like 1am to go fishing [smiley=hammer.gif]. I just have to travel further and spend more money to catch fish these days. ???


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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    Aint your final comment the truth Mark...

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    Caught my first fish eel tail cat on the Dawson from the Moura weir in about 1960, and plenty of yellas and silvers since.

    Strange in those days, the water was the colour of very weak black tea. They didn't know dirty water would be a problem in the future, so they cleared the land of vegetation. >

    No ruddy wonder it's near impossible to catch a decent fish on the Dawson (and many other waterways) today.

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    30 something years ago we lived near the beach, and I can remember being given an old white rod fitted with a small bakelite Alvey, stored in the roof of the shed that no one wanted.
    Dad and Pop were taking me fishing and I thought I was the cats arse.
    Dad baited it up (pipi)and cast it. I can remember the bite and dad telling me to wind it in but I couldn't get handle the Alvey yet, so I turned and ran up the beach dragging a small dart from the surf.
    I caught three that day and mum cooked them up for me.
    I think I was the biggest thing hooked that day and I haven't looked back.
    Cheers Kev

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    my first fish was a small toadfish i caught when i was four i think.......? i climbed a tree with a handline that had branches that went over some water(about 20cm deep) and watch it eat my bait.... i cought it at hastings point...

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    I remember when we were kids(25-28 years ago) going down to the Broadwater and under the Sundale bridge with Mum and would always come home with a good feed of bream,whiting,garfish and flatties and all in a short period of time.Ah how times have changed.

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    I can't remember my first fish apparently it was a flathead at twin towns lagoon, I was with grandparents and they say I was 3yrs old. But I do remember my first fish on my own adventure, it was a spangled perch caught in a crystal clear water hole near Rosewood, I could see the fish swimming around and hiding, I remember dangling a worm on a hook right in front of these fish and it toook hrs to get one to take it. I was in year 2 at school at the time so I would have been around 6.


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