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    Remember Your First Fish?

    Well, as there's been a few threads running lately gathering info on members, I thought why not bring it back toward fishing related stuff (hahahaha Jeff) and ask those who remember their very first fish, what was it and the particulars involved (age, location, date etc). Just out of interest.


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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    remember catching small aust salmon when i was about upto me dads knee (probable make me about 2 foot) used to go down the duck bay eustary in a 12 foot klinger build dingy with an old set of oars and a 2hp? seagull outboard, used to troll with green cord handlines with a bit of clear plastic tube on the end, can remember old shacks (no longer there, just memories)
    yep that was close to 40 years ago

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    mine was a small catfish caught it in the brisbane river at the jindalee boat ramp

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    Good story Blaze...interesting how the times change eh?

    My first was a stingray that went about 54cm across the flaps. Got her when I was about 9 years old, down at Point Talburpin, near my joint on a little spinning combo and a whiting rig, with beach worms for bait. She pulled like all hell when I hooked her.


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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    i think i was so young when i got my first fish that i need to say i can't remeber my first all that i can remeber is always fishing!

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    My first fish was a bream pulled from the noosa river when i was 4 or five, fishing out if a put put boat with my old man and his mate

    Good memories

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    Same with me Basserman. My dad started my brothers and me fishing so early, none of us can remember our first fish. I'm guessing it was either a bluegill (a small sunfish) or a bullhead (small catfish relative, dark brown in color). I think taking your kids fishing is one of the greatest things a parent can do for their children. It teaches responsibility and respect for nature. I've never met a kid that hasn't wanted to go fishing. One of my favorite things to do is whenever I find a broken rod and reel in the trash, I take it home, fix it up and give it to a kid in the neighborhood for free. You should see their faces light up. It's like Christmas morning. I teach their parents what to do and where to go and they're off. Sometimes, the parents get "hooked" on our sport as well. I figure if they're going to be addicted to something, I want it to be fishing. I can't imagine life without fishing really.

    Thanks dad!
    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    I was aged about 5 or 6 and used to run away from the orphanage as I was fascinated by anything to do with the beach or sea. It was in Blackpool UK which boasted 3 piers about a kilometre long which on any day could have as many as 500 anglers on each.

    I was walking along the low water mark near one of these jetties when I saw something flapping in the water. I waded out and grabbed a cod that I remember hung from my shoulder to the ground. It was attached to a rod!

    From then on in, I was hooked :-)

    The practice in that part of the UK is to cast away from the pier with leads weighing upwards of 4 oz minimum. When folk got over-runs their lines used to snap and the terminal tackle would fly off into the distance. I learned to "harvest" these terminal rigs by going down at low water. Often they would be buried in the sand and only a hook would remain above the water. There *was* competition for this gear but I could always spot the gear that was still below the waterline by looking for small eddies or a "full flap" of those which had fish on them. The other "harvesters" never seemed to relish wading in before the tackle was uncovered, particularly in winter. Spring tides used to produce a bonanza 'cause this revealed tackle that had never been uncovered for months.

    Most of my early "catches" were from this type of "fishing" and I also used to climb down the girders to retrieve tackle that others wouldn't risk for (the jetty had a drop of about 30 feet).

    My first "rod caught" was a 7lb cod from another jetty there (I was afraid to use the found rod on the jetty where it had been lost). The rod was a snooker cue with eyes taped to it and an old walnut centre pin reel.

    The cod are lost to that area now through overfishing :-(


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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    I remember mine and i still have the pic. It was a whiting caught in the gold coast broadwater. We were on a picnic with some family friends.

    Actually i think this family got me hooked on fishing because every time we went over there he would show me pictures and home movies of their fishing trips out from Rainbow Beach.

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    I was 6. It was a red rock cod caught off the headland near Lake Tabourie NSW. Used cunje for bait. I think I was the only one in the family to catch anything that day. It was bloody huge at about 15cm. Saw a bloke catch a tuna from the cliff face on the other side but I was too little to fish on that side. If the fall wouldn't kill me my dad would've.
    Any fishing is good fishing (should probably say Any fishing is...probably going to be illegal soon)

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    Bream, Georges river Sysdney. Aged about 3 With my Dad. Now 31 still fishing with my Dad.
    Gold Coast

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    Can"t remember starting but do remember I must have been no more than 7 (nearly 60 years ago) when fishing with my first rod & reel (cheap bamboo, centrpin reel & cord line) getting tangled with a not so gentlemanly type who proceeded to loudly tell all & sundry that kids should be kept away from serious fisherman & women (my widowed mum who taught me to fish) who could not contoll their kids should stay at home where they belong. When the lines were untangled guess whose line had the fish (a good whiting). Mum & I had that stretch of the creek to ourselves for the rest of the day.

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    I cannot really remember my first fish.

    I do remember my first Barra and my first legal Barra


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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    when i was about 4 or 5 i was fishing with my parents on a step bank behind my grandparents house on the Namoi River in Northern NSW.

    i had this cheap light green rod and threadline reel. when i fish grabbed my bait and was trying to make off with it. i was so small that i was sliding down the bank (it was that big that it was pulling me in) and my parents were telling me to wind it in, i was telling them that i was but i was only sliding down the bank. so my father took the rod off me and pulled in this huge eel tailed catfish. must have been about 30cm long.

    even thougth i didnt' wind it in, i still claim it as my first fish. and i still fight with my father for taking the rod off me, when i still had a few meters to go before i went into the water.

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    Re: Remember Your First Fish?

    Mine was a 32 pound spanish mackeral beleive it or not when i was 6,of course needed some help with it from my bro he did most of it but i hooked it and helped out! It was out in his boat fishing the mackeral patch's in bowen!!! Never forget that! Couldnt imagine not being able to fish!!!

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