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    Aussie seafood heads for Dubai

    #Direct flights to Dubai !! , aren't we lucky? #
    Guess how much GST that'll bring in for 'us' #

    Aussie seafood heads for Dubai
    16:44 AEST Sun May 2 2004

    Australian seafood will be gracing the plates of diners in Dubai's five-star hotels and restaurants under a new project to boost exports.

    Agriculture Minister Warren Truss was in Dubai to launch the seafood component of a $1 million project to develop the food service market for Australian exporters.

    It is part of the government's $102.4 million National Food Industry Strategy.

    "Australia currently has only a small presence in the potentially lucrative seafood market in the Middle East, largely because of the significant distances involved," Mr Truss said.

    "However, with Emirate Airways introducing new, direct flights from Australian cities to Dubai, our high-quality seafood will arrive fresh and ready to grace the tables of the city's five-star hotels and restaurants."

    ©AAP 2004

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    Re: Aussie seafood heads for Dubai

    Who cares except you and I and Tony???? Everyone else is happy to eat crap.

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    Re: Aussie seafood heads for Dubai

    The Fishing Party cares!!


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    Re: Aussie seafood heads for Dubai

    Maybe Agriculture Minister Warren Truss can 'explain' the increased boost in exports ,against the FRDC (Fisheries Research & Development Corp.)
    observations and comparison to NZ

    particularly the paragraph ,before the Australian map

    This one.......(refer full link ,for full article/report)

    "The low production capabilities of Australia’s wild fisheries give little opportunity to increase tonnages, yet local and international demand for seafood is set to grow substantially — particularly as larger overseas fisheries are over-exploited and supply is reduced. This situation underlies the strategic directions for Australia’s fishing industry, and the commercial sector in particular"

    [smiley=bomb.gif] [smiley=stop.gif] [smiley=bomb.gif] [smiley=stop.gif] [smiley=bomb.gif] [smiley=bomb.gif] [smiley=bomb.gif] [smiley=behead.gif]

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    Re: Aussie seafood heads for Dubai

    Sen $#@%$ sational!! Nice bit of research Gazza. It is now on file in full.


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