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    Pictures Say a Million Words

    Went fishing today out of mooloolaba for a total of ZERO fish, tried every kind of lure imaginable and every colour of slug i had in my tackle box on the tuna and spotty mackeral for no bites, once it started getting a bit dark i ripped oit the digicam and took some photos of the sunset going over Mooloolaba/Maroochydore just off the coast.. hope you like!


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    Re: Pictures Say a Million Words

    That's a fantastic photo Tim. Certain times of the year just produce beautiful scenes like that eh.

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    Re: Pictures Say a Million Words

    Ain't nature beautiful

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    Re: Pictures Say a Million Words

    Whoa! That's one great picture! Thanks for posting it Zeeke!

    On a side note, Maria, what does "Umniy uchitsya na chuzhik oshibkakh, a durak na svoikh." mean? I saw that at the bottom of your post and was wondering what the story is?
    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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    Re: Pictures Say a Million Words

    The cold is a comin and the pelagics are a goin it seems . great pic.

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    Re: Pictures Say a Million Words

    i saw the same scenery from about 8miles out... bloody beautiful!! nothing better than a smooth, flat and fast trip home into a sunset like that!

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    Re: Pictures Say a Million Words

    hey tim
    mate i reckon u should take up photography, cant think of a better combination then fishing and photography coz as we know fishing takes us into some really stunning places
    cheers jack

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    Re: Pictures Say a Million Words

    El Carpo,

    The note at the bottom of my posts is Russian. Basically translated, it means "The wise man learns from the mistakes of others - the foolish man learns from his own"


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    Re: Pictures Say a Million Words

    That is a great sunset tim!!!.....Great pic!!!
    Ben very good saying!!! Got a bit of russian in ya?
    Cheers mate

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    Re: Pictures Say a Million Words


    No mate, I don't have any Russian in me at all mate. My family is as Aussie (convict mo'fo's from way back ) as they come.

    My second hobby to fishing, is learning languages. I've been studying languages since I was about eight years old. Started on Japanese and German in school, then during my final year at school I started teaching myself Russian. From that, I also taught myself some Serbian/Croation and a bit of Ukranian. From that, I guess you could say I have an interest in Eastern European languages. The good thing is once you've got the grasp on one of the major languages, like Russian, other languages of nearby countries are generally very similar - so, a little easier to learn.

    I also study Russian social, environmental, political and economic studies in my spare time - pretty much in depth culture studies. Not really a formal study, just research and read up on stuff. Bit of history too. I find it all very interesting.

    So there you go mate...

    Kind regards


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    Re: Pictures Say a Million Words

    "My family is as Aussie (convict mo'fo's from way back #)" hahahhaha ! Sounds interesting mate....i started learning japanese in skool...i enjoyed it i found it easy 2 learn the words and speak it but writing there language was just impossible and i hate 2 say it but thats wat made me change subject and haven't done it since!!.....Wholy shit u sure know ur probs if u travel over sea' must take some time 2 learn??? Thats top stuff especially teaching yourself!! ! The mind boggles on how uve learnt so many languages and remember all of them!! Top stuff mate.....

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    Re: Pictures Say a Million Words

    Good saying! Thanks for the translation Ben, or should I say Mr. Einstein! You're one smart dude if you can teach yourself a bunch of languages like that. You chose some doozies too! Japanese, Russian, other Eastern European. They're all known as being the most difficult! Way to go! Two of my brothers are teaching themselves languages. Japanese for one, Spanish for the other. I know how difficult it is to learn laguages (well, for us mortals anyway ) and I think it's really great that you are able to do so well at it.

    You could be the next James Bond! Ben, the international man of mystery. Able to go from place to place without notice. Blending in instantly and going where trouble leads all for truth, justice, and the Australian way of life! Evildoers beware! 8)

    Again, thanks for translating for me. You're an impressive student. Very good!
    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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