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Thread: AusFish server?

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    AusFish server?

    Is it me, or does the AusFish server seem to have not recorded reports and posts from yesterday? My PM count today is two less than what it was yesterday (2 mgs were received yesterday) and some of the reports in the reports section aren't there anymore....but they were yesterday.

    Just wondering if it's me, my computer or AusFish server.


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    Re: AusFish server?

    I just came back to see if I had any replies to messages I wrote last night and they are gone..

    2 of us can't be having the same computer probs..

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    Re: AusFish server?

    Yep noticed something amiss aswell. Checked all the unread posts this morning, and had read most of them already yesterday. Robs pics of his latest trip all missing.
    Seems like yesterday doesn't exist anymore.

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    Re: AusFish server?

    Yeah I thought so guys, and yeah Jeff.....MY A.J PICTURE WITH MY CUTE ASS!!! NO!!!! lol...thanks for the replies to confirm. Must of had a crash on the AusFish server last night sometime causing it to lose current information. Not to worry.

    Hope you're all not workin' too hard!

    Kind regards


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    Re: AusFish server?

    Yes, I had posts missing as well./

    Also Steve, the site slows a lot during peak periods, just like last time. You are becoming tooooo popular

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    Re: AusFish server?

    This took out bigpond cable today from 1am to 10pm today, maybe hit steve' server too

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    Re: AusFish server?

    Good post Bungie! Yes, everybody should definately check for your microsoft updates. Just today, a guy at another site posted about getting hit by this worm. It's quite a hassle. Keeps turning your computer on and off. I wish hackers would quit doing this stuff. We have more than enough to worry about already! Zheesh!
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    Re: AusFish server?


    There was a change made to the server on Saturday that would have effected some posts and PM's.

    This was due to the fact that the company that hosts my server decided to relocate the server from Nevada to California. They backed up the server so everything would keep running and then relocated the original server. Sadly though they did not inform me that this was going to happen or else I could have put the chat board offline while this happened. So due to this happening posts made around Saturday lunch time to Saturday night, haven't got the exact times yet, will not show up on the chat boards.

    My apologies for the inconvenience, I was not aware that the relocation was going to happen.

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    Re: AusFish server?

    I'd rather live in California than Nevada as well 8)
    Gold Coast

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    Re: AusFish server?

    But what about Las Vegas

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    Re: AusFish server?

    Bris-Vegas for me

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    Re: AusFish server?

    You can keep Las Vegas, but I'd give New York a crack for a while. Maybe LA as a close second.

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    Re: AusFish server?

    Narr c'mon boys......AUSTRALIA!.......better yet Far North Queensland..... [smiley=2thumbsup.gif] [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]

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    Re: AusFish server?

    Here's one for you:

    Budapest Hungary, second only to the Big Apple as the best city I've been to.


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