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    new artificial reef ?

    This barge has been working off Palm Beach all day and still tonight
    It is stopping just out from Currumbin Surf Club then traveling up north of Palm Beach. Is it just dredging sand ? if so why not take it off the sand bar north of the alley that is causing all the trouble .
    Or is it the start of the new artificial reef.

    Steve ----

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    Re: new artificial reef ?

    looks like the same rig they used to pump sand from mooloolaba river mouth


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    Re: new artificial reef ?

    I thought they canned the proposed artifical reef at palm beach

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    Re: new artificial reef ?

    So did I????

    Yes, that makes too much sence to dredge say the Currumbin mouth.

    But is ok to spend a few Mill to protect a few houses that have built right on the beach. But lets let the boaties get smashed up all over the place.

    I tell ya' The way we have tried to play mother nature with our bars and rivers is going to come back & bite usin the butt bigtime further down the track.
    Gold Coast

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    Re: new artificial reef ?

    Looks like the dredge Port Frederick is back . They are dumping sand ( not in sausage bags ) off palm beach. Maybe they are trying to cover up the last of the close bait reefs in the area so it will not tear holes in their sandbags for the artificial reef .!!!!!


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    Re: new artificial reef ?

    I was fishing for whiting in the mouth of Currumbin this morning (tons of them on the chew! ) and watching the boats coem in over low tide. Some boaties had to get out of the boat and push to get up the channel it was that bad.

    Not only that, for the first time in living memory, the channel goes out up the right side - next to elephant rocks - it's quite spectacular. I was chatting to some of the older locals and they said that in 50 years they had never seen it go this way. The sandbank at the mouth is very wide and is completely out of the water from about mid tide down. It is going to take a lot of weather to get it back to a semblance of it's old self.

    There was some speculation on the beach (channel seven was filming there today) that the dredge may be partially responsible for the sand problem. All the dumping in Palm beach is apparently helping to build all the sand in the mouth at Currumbin.

    I don't know what the answer is, but there has been a lot of accidents at Currumbin lately and now the only navigable channel of the busiest creek on the coast goes right out through the guts of one of the busiest surf breaks on the coast. It's not particularly safe.

    Tallebudgerra is looking good... That's where I will be crossing tomorrow.


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    Re: new artificial reef ?

    I was one of those boats you may have seen come back in . I got in a little earlier and did not have to push but came off the plane with a shudder when it got too shallow and just made it to the creek at snail pace - not pretty . Problem is , the channel past the rock is sanding up quicktime between the groyne and the deeper water at the rock and it's still shallow down the beach at Lacey's . We are going to be stuffed on the smaller tides after the moon .


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    Re: new artificial reef ?

    Hi Chris,

    I have been harping on this a bit lately, but Currumbin is not our only option. Unless you have a dirty great yacht like Heath Tallebudgeera is a great option at the moment. It is navigable over all phases of the tide and the channel is easily viewable from either the rock wall or by walking around Burleigh point. It's not as protected as Currumbin, but does not deserve it's bad reputation. You also don't have to dodge all the surfers...


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    Re: new artificial reef ?

    does anyone know the exact location of the wreck near palm beach reef?? gps co-oridantes would be great!!

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    Re: new artificial reef ?

    UR right mate we are going to have to give Tally another look . Last time I had a look - gotta be six months ago, the channel was over north by the rocks - dicey option and it was shallow all across before the channel . Tally has it's reputation deservedly though it's not good with swell - lots of disasters in the past . If you go over at Currumbin your boat will wash up on the beach but at Tally it will get totalled when it washes up on the rocks . Have you found the ramp at Tally runs out of length at low tide ?


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    Re: new artificial reef ?

    sorry forgot about your question . I do not know about a wreck near Palmy . There are a few small isolated shallow lumps of reef in closer off the main reef ? . If you find it let us know - always willing to learn .

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