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    Last Call for Marine Radio Course

    We are approaching our limit of ten to 12 Boaties wanting to do this FREE course ('cept the $65 for Govt charges) so will be closing off the books this coming Friday. Just email me at:

    and I will get back to you
    Reminder the dates are June 22nd & 23rd. being Tuesday & Wednesday at our VMR Base at Victoria Point. Starts 7.00 pm and finishes about 10.00 pm. Exam follows a couple of weeks later.

    Ian Fischer

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    Re: Last Call for Marine Radio Course

    can i do it buy corrispondance


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    Re: Last Call for Marine Radio Course

    Yep, all you need is the ACA Handbook and read through it. It is a good book, well set out and many a guy has passed without having to do a course. It helps but not mandatory. Go the ACA website at:
    Just click on HANDBOOKS and you can place an order there.
    Next trick is finding an Invigilator who will do the final exam for you! There is a huge list on the same page and just a matter of finding one near you. I am not sure if they charge or not!

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