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    Hey guys,

    Came across this on the net this morning. It's a powerpoint presentation with the 5 top photos of 2003. I think some of you will really appreciate these. Check em out. Last one is just wrong.

    Just came across this one too...


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    Re: Pictures

    Very cool pics Maria!
    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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    Re: Pictures

    Id rekin the surfer would be goin 2 clean out his weat suit....
    The one of the bloke holding the sun looks trick.

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    Re: Pictures


    Strange Cosmos is always good for a few laughs and stories. Have a look at this link;

    Now thats one tought little 16 yr old fisherwoman #

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    Re: Pictures

    That last pic with the surfer is actually a dolphin. Just look at the shape of the body and the fin. hehe still good for a laugh though.

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