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    WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!

    You will all find this hard to believe but a few non-recreational boat operators have got a protest meeting going at the local hall in Victoria Point this Thursday in order to can the new immensely successful floating jetty at Vicky Point and also in an effort to stop our mooring of small 4.65 Stabicraft tender boat parallel and stern tied to the end. This boat in no way restricts Boaties from using the jetty and the Council are supportive of this procedure. Basically we need some email support from some AUSFISH members who feel that this facility is a step in the right direction.
    I have some 300 hundred signatures from the weekend boaties who gave us their support but if anyone in here feels it is a good cause, please drop me a very brief email saying so to:
    Thanks guys
    Ian Fischer

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    Re: WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!

    Email will be sent.

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    Re: WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!

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    Re: WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!

    After my article, the lady frm the local paper called and she's going to publish it. Would it be possible for anyone in that area to keep a copy asside for me maybe? i'll pick it up or pay for postage or whatever.

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    Re: WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!

    i've sent one.

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