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    Sea Sickness needle

    Has anybody had a sea sickness needle. Last time this post on sea sickness was put up this was metiond. A couple of fella's that come with me are mad keen and find that kwills dont work that well.
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    Re: Sea Sickness needle

    hi spiro,
    there are many drugs available to treat nausea and vomiting, a limited number also affect the middle ear and how we percieve ballance etc. (cause of seasickness)
    drugs such as stemitil (prochlorperazine) can be used to treat vertigo and other such ballance disturbances and are available in injection form. stemitil is available over the counter at pharmacies in tablet form. if taken prior to sickness and fully absorbed by the gut, there is no real advantage over the injection form.
    alot of these drugs can make you fairly sleepy, which couuld be dangerous out on the water.
    there are also other problems with injections ie: sharps disposal.
    there are a few doctors around who specialise in dive medicine who will know alot more about this subject, they might be able to help out.
    if all else fails, feed your deckies tuna sandwiches, it makes great burley

    disclamer: the above is intended for information only. consult your health care professional before taking any medication

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    Re: Sea Sickness needle

    time for new deckies.

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    Re: Sea Sickness needle

    i have tried everything to combat sea sickness, from a pint of seawater, to raw eggs, ginger tablets and everything in between. The best method i have found was to use an earpug in one ear only, apparantly this stuffs around with your eqlibrium. Since using this I have never gotten seasick, and I have "grown" out of seasickness, the only issue with having one ear plugged up is you have to make sure you're facing the right way to hear people. I still carry a couple of ear plugs for others in my boat. I have also used blue tack with success.


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