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    Where can I fishing in Gold Coast without a boat?

    Hello All:

    Could anyone tell me some good fishing spot in Gold Coast that you can go fishing without need a boat?

    I been fishing there for years and normally I went to sea way behind the sea world.

    But what I found out is the fish there are getting less and less. And very easy to loss the sinkers.

    So if anyone can suggest me some good fishing spots that will be great.

    I saw some reports said the river in Gold Coast produce good fishs, but just don't know where can I park my car and stay on the bank for fishing.

    Thank you all.

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    Re: Where can I fishing in Gold Coast without a bo

    grab a ubd Mr Sea.

    Pick a bridge on a canal / creek near the river.

    Give your dead / frozen bait to someone you dislike, but smile as you do as you are doing yourself a favour.

    Catch some herring or hardiheads & drift then around the rocks and piles at night on tide changes. Bream, flathead, jacks.

    May I be so bold to suggest not using sinkers or using very small pea size ones.

    Foraging fish in canals and rivers are like pigeons in the city. They congregate where there is food & shelter.

    The food is either on / in structure or washes by. The shelter is structure rocks, pylons, holes in the bottom.

    The "Council Chambers" is a great example - look at in on a map - four or five waterways intersecting at a single point on a bend with a deep hole. Use the known, look at a map & discover the unknown yourself.

    Back street boat ramps at night have monster bream & flatties that come in to feed on the scraps.

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    Re: Where can I fishing in Gold Coast without a bo

    Chris is spot on.
    But it sounds like you're a FUCAE fisho.
    So try the end of Turana St at Coombabah - small jetty to the right - Quite a few pickers there though.
    Dusk and daylight is best and take some bloodworms for a feed of whiting.

    Also walk out on to Jabiru Island and fish in the deep hole.

    Dave ><>
    PS - FUCAE = fold up chair and esky.

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    Re: Where can I fishing in Gold Coast without a bo

    Thank you Chris and Nugget.

    I will have a try on those spots.

    Wish I can hook on something big

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Where can I fishing in Gold Coast without a bo

    I've gotta agree with the above. Doesn't matter when or where you fish if not with good bait and presentation. Been some tailor and trevs running the south wall of the seaway which I've heard 35g Halco twisties and spoons been effective and some macks for fun off the tip (watch the swells). The entrances to canals might be good for some jacks soon if get in before all the G.C. traffic and Currumbin and Tally creeks been OK local spots for some flathead.

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