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     I love X-mas

    Woke up and found a penn lever drag and power stick loaded with 40 lb line under the crissy tree. I was happy and wanted everyone to know
    Merry x-mas
    Jay [smiley=laola.gif]

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    Re:  #I love X-mas

    Good on Ya Jay!

    Glad you got something useful.

    Get out there and catch a feed, and enjoy the rest of the day. Tezza.

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    Re:  #I love X-mas

    I got a wallet

    it was empty


    but empty none the less.

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    Re:  #I love X-mas

    PS It will probably stay empty too

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    Re:  #I love X-mas

    Well Dug! Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose!

    You lost, so if your a good boy next year, maybe it will be the money tree? Get your lotto in and remember who your friends are!! "Not long now before the New Year"


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    Re:  #I love X-mas

    hey, cool pressie jay
    now all you need is to get your old man to take you out and try it out.
    hope you guy's had a great chrissy

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    Re:  #I love X-mas

    Thanks dazza and tezza
    Got the same floating rig as dad and rossco now
    tryin to get out tommorrow if its not to windy
    they better watch out [smiley=devilish.gif] [smiley=sneaky.gif]

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    Re:  #I love X-mas

    give em heaps jay
    shouldn't be too hard to outfish that pair
    hope you have a great day out tomorrow

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    Re:  #I love X-mas

    I got the calm weather I was asking for plus a week long leave pass to Lucinda Hinchinbrook channel plus a week long leave pass down the family hut cant beat that for a present.

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