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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Im a possability, il wait until its a bit closer...foxy

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    sounds like a good trip ,have to wait till closer .

    Foxy, if the weathers good and you don't want to tow the big fella up we could take the 16.

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Quote Originally Posted by polydriver
    Put my name down.

    I should be in hervey bay again by then so can travel up with Bay firie.
    Oh you will. will you lol.
    Suppose you want a spot on the floor of the tent aswell ??
    How am i gonna tow 2 boats behind the commodore ??

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    OK Gang, Steve has just let me know that he is willing to donate a couple of prizes (2) one for the heaviest offshore & one for the inshore species(species yet to be decided ,)agnes_jack has also offered to "chip" in but as he has already offered the ausfishes substantial discounts re tackle/bait I reckon that will be enough on its own,NOT to mention all the "drum" on whats biting & where 8) . Cheers Touchy. ><> ><> ><>.

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Feb. is too far away for me to plan work, I need to wait until at least mid Dec. before commiting/booking.

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Quote Originally Posted by blaze
    wee bit of bother with this wedding anaversry, tried to tell the wife she may have mixed the dates up (advice is DONT try this tactic)

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    OK, I've booked.

    But the dates didn't suit me. A Monday to Sunday was only 6 nights, and you get 7 nights in a weekly booking.

    So I booked from Sat 12th to Sat 19th.

    I'll be staying at the house at Round Hill, overlooking the water, and it is 2.786 minutes from the ramp.

    So, Fred, how about posting up ya Tides and Solunar Tables for us, for that week ! ?

    mmmmmmmmm # #!

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    looks like i am back to 50/50 and not 99% like I thought, after being Xtra nice to my wife she decided that I could go 0n the wedding anaversry only to then get a call from a bus company that i do all the sign for asking for a price to do half the fleet after respray (normally only do 2 a year), so now i wont know until late dec or eary jan. normally I would be sweating on getting the job, not this time though.
    so now i will have to suck it and see

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Easily fixed blaze... "er that will cost yous 1.5 million dollars"

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    This sounds like it is going to be more popular than the M&G at Jacobs Well. #

    Maybe I should drag my boat up there and get on the piss too. # 8)

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Hi seahunt
    I wish mate, client i have had for 10 years and one day i might need them more than they need me. Still hoping i can some how work around the timeframe so i get the best of both worlds, only time will tell now

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Just found out about this.

    Count me in for a few nites at least


    Bundy bandit

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Phil, We (Streaker, Big_D & myself )(plus the phantom snorer)are booked in for the same dates , AND (the judges decision being final 8)the prize fish for the offshore ISssss,Lutjanus Sebae & the inshore species Lutjanus Argentimaculatus ??? ,I will pull up the area code/bite times & percentages on the week end & post 'em up during the week for anyone that maybe interested.Cheers Touchy.><>.

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Come on Fred - Surely the bigest offshore species for the tropical sojourn should be Coral Trout.

    Common old Red Emporer - who cares

    Just hand the offshore prize over to me now - it'll save the heartache for everyone else.

    What about a category for the largest cray?

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Brett,Now you know why the species wasn't Coral Trout OR Crays , both species all know you by bloody name up there So I thought it best to give some of us common poor old blighters in the trenches a go, Tho' I do know how to get some one to get better fish than you but if I drop a name you might get the sulks & leave her at home. .

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