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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    I'm in now!!!

    Got the time off work, and keen to hit the local Jacks!!

    Now I'm excited and can't concentrate on work!!

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Could'nt resist hey mick

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Nope... Couldn't resist. I'm having withdrawl symptoms from not fishing... Its been 2 weeks!!!

    Looking out the window now... 5 knots, sunny, 29deg...
    Should have taken a sicky!!

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Heres some pics or the area during a trip did ages ago.

    This is Pancake Creek.

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    And another. #Cant quite remember which way I was facing taking this.

    But look at the water. #This is in the ocean!!

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Touchy / Guys ,
    I'm in got the time off from work & the accomodation's booked .
    Decided that I'd go for 2 weeks [smiley=thumbsup.gif]from Sat 5th to Sun 20th .
    Can't wait .
    We just have to keep everything crossed for good weather .

    See you there [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]
    Searaider 2

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Hey mini696
    those pics just get the blood running,I'm all ready starting to get on the wives nervs talking about this trip.

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    I'm only a newby to ausfish so can anyone come to this hoedown

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Everyones welcome agro, its a good way to meet fellow fishermen that share a common interest, welcome to the site mate...foxy

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Here's a tally of members who've indicated their acceptances at this stage.
    The total to date is 21 and there are quite a few more possibles.

    Agnes Jack
    Searaider 2

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    just waiting for my leave to be approved from work and home shouldnt be a problem
    has anyone else booked any of the houses listed by angus jack?:
    should be myself and two others and we are looking at getting a house and will need a couple of others to fill the house

    Any suggestions on fishing gear we will need to fish outside ( line size , tackel , ect)

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Put my name down.

    I should be in hervey bay again by then so can travel up with Bay firie. I am taking Ben so you should bring Mich along. The boy will never talk to you

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Jeez, Fella's, talk about pressure !

    OK, OK, I'm in !

    Put me down for 'ReBait' and a full crew.

    I suppose, I'll have to bring the Ausfish Banner, just to let the locals know, who's in town !

    I have put my dibs on a house at 1770 / Round Hill. At this stage there is 4 of us, but the house will take another 2. So, I'll confirm this later. The house is the one in the pic, posted earlier here by me. Enough parking for another boat and car.

    Cheers Phill

    Kingfisher Painting Solutions:- Domestic and Commercial.

    For further information, contact details, quotes or advice - Click Here

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Book me in too I will be there for sure. Im taking the tinnie and hilux duel cab so if anyone needs a lift from the brissy area let me know. Will have room for 2 in the ute. Would like to get in on a share of one of the houses but can always pitch a tent if all full.Should be a HOOOT

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Feb is a long way away for me to plan workwise but still am keen. HMM with all you guys going the Spotties are gunna be lonely in Moreton bay in Feb without you all there Might have to fly the Ausfish flag on my own.

    Just how many boats are going ??? Boat ramp will be busy.

    Tony you'll need to stock up on ice and tackle

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