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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    tony how long does it take you to drive to brisbane from your shop and roughly how many ks is it?...foxy

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    I am thinkin it will be a top week, as i said to Mark even if we dont score a fish or two it will still be good to catch up with as many ausfishers as i can

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    bloody good question foxy, looking at maps i have it looks to be about 500k from brissy?

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    dfox , blaze ,
    From what I can remember it is just on 500 k's from Brisbane , I have just decided that I'm definately going .
    Hopefully we will get some good weather , if not it will be a good opportunity just to have a holiday & meet some of the guys.

    Searaider 2

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Nee d to find some people to share a house with a couple of tassie boys ?
    What company would be the best to hire a car from brissy airport

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Searaider 2, The house has been booked by the 6 topgun fisho's from AUSFISH 8) , I have been informed from one who knows that the trip from Brissie is just on 7 hrs.Cheers Touchy.><> ><> ><>.

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Quote Originally Posted by Touchy
    Searaider 2, The house has been booked by the 6 topgun fisho's from AUSFISH 8) , .
    Sounds like a challange to me Touchy !

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Perhaps we could ask Steve(Mr Ausfish) to check his large box of goodies & donate a suitable prize for the (his nominated one heaviest species) for the offshore & one for the estuary brigades.Cheers Touchy.><>.

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Oh this sounds like trouble Touchy. Great idea though.

    Cheers Zedjack33 [smiley=jester.gif] [smiley=jester.gif] [smiley=jester.gif] [smiley=hammer.gif] [smiley=hammer.gif]

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Shouldn't take you 7hrs unless you are towing a monster rig. It's just on 500kms from Brisbane to Agnes and it took me just over 5.5 hours last w.e. (in the Jeep, doing the speed limit but I wasn't towing my boat - had a driver reviver stop near Maryborough as well ).
    Foxy, I doubt it would take more than 6 hours even with a boat in tow.
    Blaze, search the net and see if you can get a weekly deal from one of the car rental companies at the airport. I found Europcar to be good because they have unlimited kms as part of their deal, where Budget, Avis, etc all have a 150km per day cap and charge extra for additional kms. Good luck mate. Great to hear that you're making the trip up.

    Looking at my diary I think I could make it too. If only Tony could guarantee us 'perfect' weather conditions!!!


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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    You should be able to drive from Brissie in around 6 hrs roughly, towing a boat. I think it is just over 500k's.
    Bay Firey-1770 camp ground is right on the estuary, There is a camp area in Agnes that costs $4 per head per night.
    Corry- There are no fish cleaning facilities anywhere around here > I suppose the only spot to clean them is around the estuary somewhere.

    I will donate either some sort of prizes or a couple of trophy's for the event.
    Prize categories to be announced!

    Regards, Tony

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Tony, on the subject of cleaning etc, bugger all cleaning facilities around here either > ... where can one find a tap with drinking water around 1770! or agnes for that matter.


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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Good drinking water around here ??? ???
    Around here we import all our drinks in little brown bottles!
    The water here comes from bores, and tastes like cr@#
    The rental houses should have tank water if you don't like the stuff in the brown bottles!


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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Sounding good!

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Springwood ( Brisbane sth side ) to 1770 was 532k's, but that was going thru Miriam Vale etc. It is shorter and better, going thru Bundaberg, and all bitumen.

    We usually stop at Gympie and Gin Gin, but that will take you the long way thru Miriam Vale. So a stop at Gympie and Bundaberg is the go. No rush, is there ?

    From memory, there was a tap at the park on the point at 1770. We usually cleaned fish at the house and took the frames to the estuary. The Bream certainly cleaned them up in no time.

    I'll post some pics of uncles trip from last week.

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