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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Is anyone getting firm prices on camping/house etc, if so when, takes a bit more planning from tassie
    is there a ride i could pick up from brissy airport and a ride up and back
    been watching this one with interest, better for me than a weekend m and g
    maybe if i commit we can get some other interstate members (OK WHERE ARE THE REST OF YOU TASSIE MEMBERS)
    I would be travelling light, so I may be a bit of a pest for things that most people bring
    Only problem I see at this time is that 13th is my wedding anaversry (missed it last year chasing tuna and still get reminded)
    got me thinking

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    looking at a map, theres a bloody great marine park out there, when ya go offshore is it past the park or before the park you talk about
    I know, what a dumb arse, but learning
    Will i cook to medium rare the first day and well done the next

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    G'day Blaze. I think it shows great commitment to suggest coming to the M&G at 1770 all the way from TAS.(especially if its ya anniversary time) Great chance to get up to this "neck of the woods" when theres gonna be plenty of local advice on hand, it should prove to be a very pleasant & fruitful week. Mate, maybe if u have to stick around for your anniversary (we all need to rack up brownie points every now and then) you can come up earlier in the week. My sons birthday is also the 13/2, so i'll stick around home for that and then head down to 1770. I will admit that i have the benefit of being within an hour or so drive from 1770, so its hardly a comparison. As for your comment on the "green zone" (national park), one of the benefits in fishing an area like 1770 is that there are reefs, bommies, shoals, rocks EVERYWHERE so there are options beyond the green zones, before the green zones and throughout the green zones. Feb is gonna be bloody hot up here so u better pack plenty of zinc for your tasmanian nose oh yea, and dont forget the other nose on your second head . Just jokes mate. I hope u can make it.


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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Looking good for bussiness for ya in Feb 05

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Thats awsome mate! Thats a big effort coming from tassie!
    I,m currently trying to find the best deals in houses that are big enough to share, will post them shortly. Its not a busy time here in feb so there should be quite a few available. As CQ says there are a lot of reefs between shore and the green areas, they really havn't bothered us too much around here.

    Regards, Tony

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    There are 3 suitable houses, all within spitting distance of each other, close to town centre.

    Lazy J's-- Sleeps 8 singles, heaps of room for boats etc #$550
    La Praia--sleeps 6 singles, plenty of parking # $500
    Beachcomber-- sleeps 8, plenty of parking # #$600
    Those 3 are all located close together.

    Others (within a km or so)
    Caddies-- 5 singles plenty parking #$500
    Little house-- 3 singles #plenty parking $500
    Heart of agnes--- 7 singles limited parking #$600

    Bookings can be made thru Beaches of 1770 real estate #(07) 49749655
    A deposit of $200 deposit per house within 10 days of booking, the real estate suggests that bookings should be made as soon as possible.

    Caravan parks.
    Captain Cook holiday village- (07) 49749219
    Agnes Water caravan park- (07) 49749193
    1770 camp ground (on the water)- (07) 49749286

    Cabin style accomodation
    1770 holiday cabin retreat-(07) 49749270

    # # # # # # # # #Regards, Tony

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Hi all
    Havin a wee bit of bother with this wedding anaversry, tried to tell the wife she may have mixed the dates up (advice is DONT try this tactic)
    Maybe a couple of mates will also make the trip
    I will keep reading

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    don't know if I'll be able to get up for the whole week.But I'll be there for a few days

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Hey Gang,'Youse can take the La Praia house off Tony's post for that week it's been booked 8)

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    gettin a bit sly there Touchy

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Hi Touchy ,
    Is it booked by some of the Aushfish Guys , or just already booked by someone else ?
    Do you have any idea if most of the guys are going to stay in the 1770 Caravan Park , or at Agnes Waters ?
    At this stage I'm 95% sure that I'm going .

    Searaider 2

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Am thinking I would like to bring the tent, suggestions 1770 / Agnes.
    Can compfortably sleep 4 if anybody needs a roof over their head

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    I'm looking at taking the swag with me, 1770 camping area sounds like a goer for me. I don't really want to commit to anything in case all sh!t turns belly up between not and then.
    Maybe we should be starting to get a feel for what everyone wants.
    Throw up your posts and preferences as to whether you are looking at going into a house or roughing it in a tent or swag.
    Does anyone know if the camping area has facilities for cleaning fish, I know this is a bit optomistic, but it would be handy if it does.


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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    From Tassie at this point you are looking at
    Blaze 99% sure
    Mark (also a member, hasnt posted much) 95% sure
    I think we would be looking to share a house ?
    We are looking at fly to brissy and hire a car for the trip up (probable take me a week to find it, figure if i keep the sea on my right hand side I will be going the right way and get there and if the sea is on my left, i am either going home or in WA)
    Sounds like a good trip for me
    Also bear in mind we will after lots of help etc etc

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Blaze, I got a 90% shot at going, pending on work, but if I am going down, and I can help out with any gear, then just give me a hoy. If worst comes to worst then I will be down on the first weekend, and then back again on the second as it is only about 2 hours, or make that 3 hours towing a boat, away from home. I don't have allot of fishing gear, but I will help out in anyway I can.
    We'll get into the nitty gritty stuff as we get closer.

    Sounds like this is going to be a top week.


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