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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Entrance to 1770. You could water ski across that


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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Damn that looks good.

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    The famous flame grilled steaks cooked somewhere in amongst those trees

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    The famous flame grilled steaks cooked somewhere in amongst those trees
    does that mean you couldn't catch fish up there rob ??? ROFL

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    What is the situation if we leave boats in the water. I am looking at the options of staying at the campground on the creek or looking at a house. Is ther much theft or vandalism?

    Cheers Neil

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    I have never had a problem leaving my vehicle unlocked at the boat ramp, the place is still fairly crime free thats not to say it can't happen. Have also left my tinnie pulled up on the sand over night and everything was still there. As far as mooring a larger boat... Tony might know, but I've seen yachties coming in there and anchoring up, they don't seem to have any problems.
    I spend most of my holiday time there fishing and almost consider myself a local.


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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    I would never say to anyone that theft will not occur. There is always the chance of a ratbag element, no matter if you are in the middle of nowhere or in the heart of the city. We don't have a great problem here, but we don't control who comes here on holidays.
    I would have no problem at all with leaving a boat moored in front of the caravan park but I would not leave removables such as fishing gear or such in the boat. My motor would also be chained to the boat.
    There would be nothing worse than ruining what should be an absolutely awsomely good time for all who make the effort to be here!!

    They are some great photo's there! Gives people an idea of what a beautiful place we have here. Hope you can make it back at that time!
    One point I should mention is that ifyou are going to clean fish on the sandbar before returning to the boat ramp, they must be fillets of 40cm or longer with skin and scales attached, or whole with guts and gills removed. (coral reef fin fish)

    The amount of interest shown for this M&G floors me!!!!!!
    I hope the weather will do the right thing, and that all who attend have a memorable experience.
    In regard to the weather, I must emphasize the importance (were ever possible) for groups to organize to bring along small tinnies. In the event of bad weather this will mean the diff between fishing or not fishing. And prawns or no prawns

    I look forward to meeting you all!!!!!!!!

    # # # # # # # #Tony

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Thanx Tony,
    I had one more pic. of boatramp moir and a cobia but didn't want to over do it. I will definately be there in Feb, if you can't supply some good weather ur in deep trouble. You and Sandy had better stock up your freezers with bait by the sound of things. I used up most of my good slimies fishing with Herby. the frozen yellowtail I bought from your son didn't last an hour up at Bustard last week , they were good sized ones too.


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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    With the weather playing havoc over the weekend, I took the time out to go for a drive down to Agnes / 1770 for the day.
    I dropped into the Camping grounds at 1770 and got their map and regulations. I have posted them on my website if anyone is interested in looking at it.
    We travelled down via Eurimbla National Park, dropping into Middle Creek and Bustard Beach on the way for a look around. I will post a trip report and some photo's with GPS points on these areas later. For those going to the M&G with tinny's, these may not be a bad area to have a go at while in the area. Both have a tinny launching area, and Bustard Beach is only about 30 minutes from Agnes, with Middle Creek being about twice that.


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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Hi Guys,
    I'm in for Feb. next year.
    Will bring BOB (Black on Blue) up too.
    Bought my own caravan park (block of land) up at Agnes last week so I'm ok for accomodation! LMAO
    Also managed to drop in and meet Tony and Sandy .... really nice to meet you both!) Great shop you run there mate.


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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Hey Corry
    Sounds like they have finally set up somewhere to clean fish!
    Did you get a look at it?


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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET


    The fish cleaning table at the 1770 camp ground is very good !!

    Has a tap and hose and is large enough to handle a big Spaniard

    It also has a hole cut at one end where you can sweep your scraps through to a bucket waiting underneath.


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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    could you put a summary of dates we are going and places that we are staying. There are so many pages now its hard to go throu and find exact dates etc

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Geday Polydriver ,
    The M & G is from 14th to 20 th Feb .
    I think Lucky Phil is going from 13th to 19 th ???
    I'm making a meal of it & going for 2 weeks from 5th to 20 th Feb .( Can't wait , Weather Gods please give us some good weather )
    I think the guys are staying all over the place , from in houses & the caravan park at 1770 to Agnes Waters .
    Here is a previous post from Tony ( Agnes_Jack ).
    There are 3 suitable houses, all within spitting distance of each other, close to town centre.

    Lazy J's-- Sleeps 8 singles, heaps of room for boats etc $550
    La Praia--sleeps 6 singles, plenty of parking $500
    Beachcomber-- sleeps 8, plenty of parking $600
    Those 3 are all located close together.

    Others (within a km or so)
    Caddies-- 5 singles plenty parking $500
    Little house-- 3 singles plenty parking $500
    Heart of agnes--- 7 singles limited parking $600

    Bookings can be made thru Beaches of 1770 real estate (07) 49749655
    A deposit of $200 deposit per house within 10 days of booking, the real estate suggests that bookings should be made as soon as possible.

    Caravan parks.
    Captain Cook holiday village- (07) 49749219
    Agnes Water caravan park- (07) 49749193
    1770 camp ground (on the water)- (07) 49749286

    Cabin style accomodation
    1770 holiday cabin retreat-(07) 49749270

    See you up there [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]
    Searaider 2

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    Re: 1770 MEET N GREET

    Quote Originally Posted by agnes_jack
    Hey Corry
    Sounds like they have finally set up somewhere to clean fish!
    Did you get a look at it?

    # # # # # # # # #Tony
    Tony, like Craigie said, it is a pretty good set up. For those that come up this way for the Boyne Hook Up, it is the same as what is beside the ramp in the Boyne River.
    Will be coming down shortly for a fish, I'll stop in for a chat on the way out. If your in a good mood you might be able to point me in the right direction to drop a line.


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