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    NSW Recreation Fishing Licence

    In the three years that I have paid my fees I have not once been asked to show my licence.
    I also understand that first time offenders are given a verbal warning to get a licence, second time offenders are given a writen warning and third a fine.
    I wonder how many fishos carry a nsw licence.
    There are exemptions:
    Exemptions from the recreational fishing licence
    You require a NSW recreational fishing licence to fish in fresh and salt water in NSW unless you are:

    1. Under the age of 18.
    2. An adult assisting a person under the age of 18 to take a fish using a single rod or to take prawns using a single dip or scoop net.
    3. A person fishing in a private dam with a surface area of two hectares or less.
    4. An Aboriginal person fishing in freshwater; or, when fishing in saltwater, an Aboriginal person that is a party to a registered native title claim, or is taking part in a traditional cultural activity as a member of their local land council, or in the company of a member of the local land council.
    5. The holder of:

    current Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink
    current Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card issued by the Department of Veteran's Affairs.
    Commonwealth Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Treatment Card endorsed "Totally and Permanently Incapacitated";
    Commonwealth Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Treatment Card endorsed "Extreme Disablement Adjustment";
    letter from the Commonwealth Department of Veterans Affairs stating that the person receive a disability pension of 70 per cent or higher, or an intermediate pension.


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    Re: NSW Recreation Fishing Licence [smiley=gossip.

    They know that you are a honest ausfish member 8)

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    Re: NSW Recreation Fishing Licence [smiley=gossip.

    Yes all the time. I'm a Queenslander and most of my NSW fishing is in the Tweed river or offshore from the Tweed. I can be still in what I believe to be QLD and actually be in NSW waters as the boarder runs at approx 35 degrees from the headland. I have had my licence checked off shore ( comming back in approx 2NM from land) and in the Tweed River. Maybe this region gets policed more due to the close proximaty of QLD??

    Cheers Steven


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    Re: NSW Recreation Fishing Licence [smiley=gossip.

    I've been checked several times over the last few years. Both offshore & in the TWeed River.
    Gold Coast

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    Re: NSW Recreation Fishing Licence [smiley=gossip.

    i have been checked many times at brunswick heads

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    Re: NSW Recreation Fishing Licence [smiley=gossip.

    nope i have never been cheacked and had mine for four years now (since it was brought in)
    you also for got to metion that people on the dole also don't need a licence

    i would be happy to be checked but still i belive that most people do have them

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    Re: NSW Recreation Fishing Licence [smiley=gossip.

    I have never been checked for a licence and only twice have I been checked for safety gear in the boat, trailer check etc, and one of those times was in Queensland.

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    Re: NSW Recreation Fishing Licence [smiley=gossip.

    Basserman, I rechecked the web site and it does not say that being on the dole lets you fish without a licence. Only vets with temp disability or perm disability and pensioners.....If you are unsure if you need a fishing licence please call 1300 550 474 or check the web site:

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    Re: NSW Recreation Fishing Licence [smiley=gossip.

    Also I have never heard of any one being warned,the flying squad will fine you on the spot,the local blokes around here will take your name and particulars and give you twenty four hours to produce it or the receipt.There may have been some "grace" given in the early stages but not anymore.I also find it amusing when people come in trying to get one back dated to a date before they were pinged,they find it hard to take when they finaly understand that these things come out of a sequentialy numbered series and it's not worth becoming a criminal for their sake.

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    Re: NSW Recreation Fishing Licence [smiley=gossip.

    well the tackle stores around here say that the dole people don't need a licence (belive it fall under a pention of some sort)
    but really hell who couldn't afford $25 ayear???

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    Re: NSW Recreation Fishing Licence [smiley=gossip.

    A warning, written warning, and then a fine? Over here, if you're caught without one they can confiscate all of your fishing gear and fine you on the first offense. Most officers let people off with a warning but you can get into a bad situation if the guy is not feeling forgiving. You have to go to court too. I've never been in trouble because I've always bought a license. I hold my fishing gear too dear to have it grabbed away by the state.
    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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    Re: NSW Recreation Fishing Licence [smiley=gossip.

    i;m on a disablity pension and i still buy a license mainly because the money actually goes back into looing afte our fisheries, and also it's only 25 dollars it;s not like it;s going to kill me, i mean there are some people who might not legitmaitly know you need a license, but i don;t uindertsnad tyring to pull a shifty over someting as trivial as this, and i;m pretty sure most fisherpeople would feel the same way.

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    Re: NSW Recreation Fishing Licence [smiley=gossip.

    Ive been checked 4 times now.

    The first two off port stephens (I didnt have it with me, had t fax ity in). By the look of their boat, I can see where all our money is going. We pay for licenses so that can buy cool boats to check our licenses. How does that work?

    The third off port kembla. Luckily had it with me then.

    On the fourth time, again off port stephens, I had it with me and it was running out the next day. Got maximum value out of that one.


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    Re: NSW Recreation Fishing Licence [smiley=gossip.

    I've always bought a 12 month one which works about to $6 to $8 each time we go down to Iluka. Not too much really for a week's fishing each time. Best to have one than not.

    I just got a Pensioner Concession Card from Centrelink which apparently exempts me. If I hadn't read this, I would not have known about it.

    The old legend.

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