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Thread: NQ M&G

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    NQ M&G

    G`day guys and girls,
    After reading all the report of the 1770 M&G i think that us NQ ausfishers should try and get something together for winter this year. Am really just wanting to see what peoples reactions and idea are for something like this? do we think we could organise something? where would we have it? my obvious choice would be hinchinbrook again because of all the different options we`d have and its half way between cairns and townsville (sorry mick, devo and the other guys south of townsville ). what would be the best dates ect.....
    Anyway lets get some brainstorming done and see what we come up with.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I reckon we should do it at the Glouscter Island Eco resort near airlie beach. Quiet awesome creek and reef fishing ask Jack lives here hell agree

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    Re: NQ M&G

    yep dingo, airlie much better spot than hinchinbrook. who wants to fish in brown water

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I'll be over on hinchinbrook mid-late may if anything's going down.

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    Re: NQ M&G
    found this for the airlie area. are the 2 gloucester island camp sites the one your talking about devo?
    what time of years best down that way?

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I'd be keen regardless of the spot. Lucinda does offer good fishing when it is blowing up a bit though - any good sheltered fishing inshore at Witsundays Dev?

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Inshore whitsundays is very poor lot of boats in the whitsundays, north of whitsundays is barely touched dingo beach glouscter awesome

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I'd be in if it was around Hinchinbrook, but I'm not towing from Cairns to Airlie.
    Make something Idiot proof and they make better Idiots

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Unfortunately with the newborn I doubt I'd get a leave pass for this one. I'd love to go though. Here's two ideas I'm happy to float. Have it in the Cairns area and hope for good weather for reef trips. Not the best idea but I have a spare room and can put people up so they don't have to pay accom. Plus, I can make it
    I may be able to acces to a hut on the South Arm of the Daintree river. It's a great set up and is an excellent base for the river and surrounding reefs. The owners would probably be happy with a few mud crabs and fish fillets. If people are keen, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Perhaps the Queen's bday weekend?
    Cheers, Mark.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    ???Thinking???Thinking???Thinking??? never been as far as cairns anyway ..

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Never fished Cairns area, Whitsundays and all those Swedish Backpackers mmmmm. Better play it safe and head north for me. Blooded the new boat on the weekend and will take some pics over easter when fishing up Mission Beach.


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    Re: NQ M&G

    I'd probably be able to attend a Cairns M&G (as a deckie) but I doubt anywhere else . It depends on the dates too, on aveage one winter month I am usually down south.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I gotta say i like the idea of HInchinbrook.
    From lucinda we`d have access to the Big jetty, The Palms, Walker, Bramble, Bittomart, Trunk and Rib reefs if the weathers good and to the south end of the channel for those prefer the creeks and if the weathers blowing up. While from Cardwell we`d have the north ead of the channel, missionary bay and creeks plus Gould Island and Otter reef. My thinking for choosing this area would be that even if we get weather like they got at 1770 we`d still be able to wet a line.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I may be in depending on commitments closer to a date but would only travel between Cooktown/Lucinda for a weekend away. Would like some close to camp all weather creek fishing options also.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Hinchinbrook would be okay but I dont think that time of the year would be to good for the channel. Winter time barra are pretty slow will be some tough fishing

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