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Thread: NQ M&G

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    Re: NQ M&G

    OK, well, we better make sure we pick a good week end with tides. No low tides in the mornings! Don't want to be high and dry with no wind.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Maybe dead between spring and neap tide so we still have a chance at everything. A low tide in the middle of the day and night would be pretty good. This also allows the spearos to dive some deep spots when the sun is at its highest. I'll check Lucinda tides (guessing this is the closest to Taylors) and report back.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    OK, as expected, tides on the week ends are crud for ages. The best looks like the week end of 18th and 19th of June.
    We got an incoming tide on the Friday night (high at 6:30pm) and a good run out tide Saturday morning (high at 5:50am running out about 6 foot of water to a low tide at 12:20pm).

    So, in a nut shell, we can fish incoming tides in the evening and run outs in the mornings. There will be enough water to run boats around shallow areas at dusk and dawn, can spear in the middle of the day, there is enough run for creeks but not too much and same goes for off shore fishing. Also, the week leading up to this week end has vertually no run at all, so all those sleepy fish are going to wake up pretty hungry.

    What do we all think?

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    Re: NQ M&G

    sounds like a great plan Mick - excellent work. enough notice for most of us too. I've forgotten what it's like to be cold, but early mornings and nights in June will remind me fairly quickly.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Bit far away to be concrete, but I'll pencil it in

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Taylors sounds like a great idea! just one question about the camping. is it a 48 hour zone? i camped at balgal at easter and had the locals going nuts cause we were there for 72hours. Anyway i`m in!

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    Re: NQ M&G

    is it a 48 hour zone?
    in September last year we actually called the authorities to find out and no restrictions. There are no signs or anything - not a designated camping spot, but not a problem.

    We camped for a week and no worries.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I'll start praying for weather like this. This was last year in September out the back of the Palm Island group (first week out in my first boat).

    My Bro-in-law enjoying a nice cold Bundy & Coke - I'm getting thirsty ).


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    Re: NQ M&G

    I'll pencil that in and see how Im going closer to the date. Hopefully be there, and Cooky make sure you get that weather right, last time we left the weather up to Dr Dan and he stuffed it all up. lol . I will hold you accountable

    Cheers Ron
    Make something Idiot proof and they make better Idiots

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Sounds like someone has a plan.....dates are already penciled in with the bic red pencil......Cooky might have to have a gentle word with mother nature to ensure she plays the game to our rules.......
    May the winds blow lightly upon your sails
    May the seas buffet gently upon your hull
    May your chiller be full of piscatorial delights

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    Re: NQ M&G

    i`m going to get in early and just put my name out there for deckie duties on a reef trip if the weathers good i will be taking my boat but its not really up the trip out. anyway just keep me in mind you guys with bigger boats!
    on another note do we think that maybe we should be ringing the authorities just to make sure about the dates and to cover ourselves? or should we just be showing up and biting the bullet. I dont think they`d have an issue just at easter we rang up and asked if it was ok for us to stay for longer than allowed and they were great about it, even let the ranger guy know we were there and all that. just a thought.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I lived in taylors for eight years, and my oldies still live there. From the ramp, thier house is straight across the park. I still fish victoria creek often and get a few barra . If you have a boat under 15ft or 16ft you can still get around OK on low tide. The ramp is 3 lanes wide, and has great parking.
    If I get a chace to head up I'll be staying at my oldies, if any one is interested in piching a tent on the block next door that will be fine.
    The channel is only 5 to 10 min's away
    The palms is 18 mile from the ramp
    Bramble reef is 25 mile from the ramp
    Rib reef is 32 mile from the ramp
    My red spot is 28 mile from the ramp--plenty of room for a few boats
    I have a ramp at another creek just up the road called gentle annie if any one wants to go there. It is a dirt ramp so 4by4's only.
    The best tides to fish vicky creek at that time of year is a large high just after daylight running out. You fish the mouth on the full using sardines (spelling )3/0 hook just infront of the eyes and NO weight, Targeting chopper, macks, queenies, trevs and barra. Then as the tide goes out you should head up the creek to fish the snags with prawn. Hey Leo..

    Cheers Jason
    Wild Side sfs

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Oh its no trouble to camp on the other side of taylors straight across from the ramp," its council land", every body camp there when ever they want with no trouble. There is a amenity block near the ramp.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Nathan, no probs mate, if I make it might be looking for a crew member or two. But if the weathers crap (Cooky not doing his job) I might be looking for a spot on a smaller boat.

    Cheers Ron
    Make something Idiot proof and they make better Idiots

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    Re: NQ M&G

    As we get closer to the date and start finalising details, we can all post the boats we are taking (we will start to be getting an idea what the weather is like as well) and we can work out some deckie positions. Hopefuly no one will miss out on anything.

    Cooky, if it's no trouble, I would love swell to be less then a metre, winds at variable 5 knots, not a cloud in sight (except on top of Hinchenbrook Island) and water visability to be more then 20 metres. Also, could you get all the sharks to bugga off to Bowen for the week end. Thanks mate, I owe ya one.

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