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Thread: NQ M&G

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    Re: NQ M&G

    bugger I'm in melbourne that week of the 17th and 18th, so that counts me out, maybe I'll sort out a cairns M&G for september.



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    Re: NQ M&G

    Hey Cooky hope you in the good books with old Mother Nature at the moment, could be difficult if you've been a bad boy with her..........Maybe you could give her a nice dinner and night off before you ask her for the good weather that week end.....
    May the winds blow lightly upon your sails
    May the seas buffet gently upon your hull
    May your chiller be full of piscatorial delights

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Nathan, no probs mate, if I make it might be looking for a crew member or two. But if the weathers crap (Cooky not doing his job) I might be looking for a spot on a smaller boat
    welcome to fish on my boat if i've got the room (or you don't take up much . If the weather is crap - then good chance I'll be found fishing from the beach not trying very hard, but comfortable with a coldie in hand 8)

    Guys - I'll throw the date in my diary now and start working on the weather. I should have it sorted by then, I've just got stop releasing so much 'hot air' now - should see world climate change for the better in short time.

    I'll cross my fingers too - that should do it.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    As we get closer to the date and start finalising details, we can all post the boats we are taking (we will start to be getting an idea what the weather is like as well) and we can work out some deckie positions. Hopefuly no one will miss out on anything.
    couldn't resist getting in early while I've got my photos available (swapping computers in next week). 5.4m glass with 115hp merc - floats on water. good for chewing sand Comfortably fish 3 people, although I'm sure 4 at a pinch. Been out to reef once - inexperienced skipper and name of boat TITANIC II - so fear for your life.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    and yes - the above photo taken from camp site at Taylor's Beach. Looks like a terrible day doesn't it.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Quote Originally Posted by Wild_Side
    The best tides to fish vicky creek at that time of year is a large high just after daylight running out. You fish the mouth on the full using sardines (spelling )3/0 hook just infront of the eyes and NO weight, Targeting chopper, macks, queenies, trevs and barra. Then as the tide goes out you should head up the creek to fish the snags with prawn. Hey Leo..

    Cheers Jason
    Wild Side sfs
    I agree. Heaps of options at this spot.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Thanks for the offers guys and if the weathers crap i can fit 2 more in my boat for fishing the creek or channel.
    Whats the parking like up there? will there be enough room for all the cars and boats if we get a good turn out?

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Whats the parking like up there? will there be enough room for all the cars and boats if we get a good turn out?
    yep - heaps of room. good parking.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Awesome what about a pub?

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Awesome what about a pub?
    yep - I'll be there with esky.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    So its taylors on the queens birthday weekend sounds good to me

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    Re: NQ M&G

    isn`t queens birthday the weekend before the 18th and 19th?

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Queens Birthday is 13th of June. Alllllllrrrrighty then..., things are looking good. Those that wanted the run out just after daylight will get their wish.
    Another bonus of this week end is the moon rise and set. Midday and midnight. Means one half of the night is pitch black and the other half of the night will be very light. Therefore, guys that are hoping to get some squid to chase fingermark will get there opportunity in the darker half of the night and guys that want to chase barra in the creeks will also get their opportunity in the lighter part of the night. (I think the full moon is the wednesday after this week end) Waaahhhhoooooo!
    And more importantly, guys that want to sit and have a beer or 20 with cooky (me for one) can also do this.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Now all dev and mick have to decide is which boat/s to take ,and how to get up there without the other 1/2s,will we chase any pigs if the weather sucks or just use the ice for beer. [smiley=rifle.gif]

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Ok firstly, is taylors beach down near ingham?

    secondly, anyone looking for crew, i'm looking for a boat. Pm me with details.



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