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Thread: NQ M&G

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I'm in for sure! Anywhere between Dingo and Lucinda would suit. I agree with devo however, if we do it in winter, we would want to be reef fishing for best results.
    Nathan, having this at Hinchenbrook wouldn't have anything to do with the gazillion fishing spots you have there hey?
    Would anyone be interested in doing some spearing as well as fishing?

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Not in the channel

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    Re: NQ M&G

    sounds good to me. I should be able to manage with enough notice. I like the hinchinbrook idea.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I'm in depending on the dates.
    Who wants to hire a house boat????????


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    Re: NQ M&G

    No way I have a unit

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    Re: NQ M&G

    A big unit?

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Hinchinbrook sounds good to me....Only got a bathtub so the deeper stuff ain't in my agenda...Would be good to meet some new friends either way....
    May the winds blow lightly upon your sails
    May the seas buffet gently upon your hull
    May your chiller be full of piscatorial delights

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I'd be keen for the southern end of hinchinbrook, but a daintree trip would be awesome as well, plenty of options there as well, the caravan park at pinacle point is awesome.



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    Re: NQ M&G

    maybe mick and i`d been keen to do alittle spearing aswell.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    i'd be keen to give spearing a go - haven't been before.

    machusla (spelling?) beach on Hinchinbrrok used to be a good spot for a camp too.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Macushla's good but there's a limit on numbers there. As far as my attendance is concerned - probably not, sorry.
    Any fishing is good fishing (should probably say Any fishing is...probably going to be illegal soon)

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Hinchinbrook looks like a goa I think. Dont worry about camping heaps of cheap accomodation, however I think I might be more interested in the Lucinda side of things. Got some decent marks for the place should keep everyones lines busy

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Hinnchinnabrooka sounds great but is it big enough for all of us.Has anyone considered Susan Island.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Has anyone considered Susan Island.
    never heard of it / her

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I think it is near grafton, NSW- northern rivers.

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