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Thread: NQ M&G

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    Re: NQ M&G

    LOL and mmm...
    Any fishing is good fishing (should probably say Any fishing is...probably going to be illegal soon)

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    Re: NQ M&G

    OK just got off the phone to David at Taylors Beach Holiday Park re: rates for the weekend 18/19 June (also 17th for the early birds). #Will have more details soon when I receive his email but for now...
    Cabins $75 dbl per night + child extra $6 with 2 sets of linen (extra sets $6 ea)
    Tropical Tents (permanent tent style cabins - bring own/hire linen but has fridge, microwave and wooden floor) $49 dbl per night + child extra $5
    Camp sites $21 dbl per night + child extra $4
    They require 50% deposit on booking and I am told to hurry as June is quite busy. #They do currently have sites available in all catagories.
    Please support him, he links to ausfish from his site thus, in away, he's helping us out too.

    contact details are at (I hope the filter doesn't remove this for at least a week):
    Any fishing is good fishing (should probably say Any fishing is...probably going to be illegal soon)

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I guess its obvious, but I'm posting that bar any major catastrophie I'll be there with wife and child. #Still working out accomodation options so as I find out more I'll post. #Wasn't there some info on a public camping ground or something? It probably got lost in the crash so if you have the info please re-post.
    Any fishing is good fishing (should probably say Any fishing is...probably going to be illegal soon)

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Yeah i think cooky was saying somehting about the camping site right on the beach. I think i like the idea of being about to park the boat in front of the tent. Whats everyone else planning on doing? i`m going to take an RDO but just not sure if it`ll be the friday or the monday.

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Here's some further info from an email sent to me from David Anderson at Taylors Beach Holiday Park:

    We have a large BBQ area/patio (2 free gas BBQs) beside our pool (24 x 12 m salt water).

    The Council has banned the use of bins on the foreshore for dumping fish scraps. We have therefore set up a dedicated fish cleaning sink and chest freezer in which we ask fishermen to put their wrapped fish frames ( for crab bait) and also to wrap and put their fish rubbish separately for me to dispose of on bin day.

    There is a good boat wash down facility on the foreshore near the boat ramp (400 m from park).

    Any fishing is good fishing (should probably say Any fishing is...probably going to be illegal soon)

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Any fishing is good fishing (should probably say Any fishing is...probably going to be illegal soon)

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Ok guys its getting close to the M&G so who`s in? What dates are you heading to Taylors Beach? Where you Staying and are you bringing a boat or needing a spot on one?

    I`ll be heading up on the friday afternoon after work and should be there till monday. I`m planning on camping up there at the camp sites cooky mentioned. I`ll be taking my 4.35m cc and should have room for one or two deckies depending on if my mate is coming. If theres afew of us camping i`ll bring up a big tarp, genny and fluro so we have somewhere to "catch up" in the evenings.

    Cooky i hope your doing your bit with the weather and thats why its blowing so much now!


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    Re: NQ M&G

    what dates ?

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I haven't got the clearance from the wife as yet, however it shouldn't be a problem. My biggest issue at the moment is work. I want to go for 4 days, but may only manage 3. Will see how I go. I'm going to camp. Will be taking boat - 5.4m cuddy cabin with 115hp.
    I will be taking a comfortable chair and a large esky (or 2). Oh and maybe some fishing gear too.
    If the weather is crap we just head down the Hinchinbrook channel or drink and relax

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    Re: NQ M&G

    ALNFI- weekend of 18/19 June
    I'm going up on the Friday (17) arvo. #Will be staying in luxury in the cabins at the holiday park with missus + kid. #Going back Sunday hopefully arvo but that will depend upon how other familiy members feel on day. #
    Will be happy to join in all activities at the campsite too so obviously a late night (or two) paddling across the creek would be an order (may have to set up a ferry system for others in same situation.
    Any fishing is good fishing (should probably say Any fishing is...probably going to be illegal soon)

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    Re: NQ M&G

    paul i`m sure we`ll be able to find you a lift over early in the night it`ll be getting home that`ll be the problem!

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I am in guys. Will be coming up with Dave (after7) on the Friday night or with the sparrows Saturday morning. We are waiting to see what the weathers doing before selecting a suitable boat for the trip. If the weathers looking alright we will be bringing Daves 5.4 meter CC and if the weather is crap we will bring my 4.3 meter cc. We probably could fit 1 into the 4.3 meter and maybe 2 in the 5.4 meter if anyone is keen.
    At this stage we are looking at continuing to Cairns for a reef trip after the M and G, but this will depend on a couple of things, work, time, funds, bookings, etc.
    Anyone is welcome to board with me in my boat and I am sure Dave won't mind filling spots on his boat. If the weather is good, we will no doubt be giving the reef a good hit. We will also be spearing as well as fishing. Idealy, if the weather is good, we could convoy out to the reef, if everyones keen.


    Looking forward to it!

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    Re: NQ M&G

    So, at this stage it looks like it will be -


    Al NFI, Leo N and Dicko have showed interest,
    and Devocean and Max Power can't make it on this week end.

    If its going to be a small bunch of us, we could plan boats a bit better, meaning, we all might not have to bring boats. We dont want 6 or 7 people with 6 or 7 boats. Thats not much of a M and G.

    we'll see what happens and who's keen.....

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    Re: NQ M&G

    I'd put the odds at about 80% on being there #

    Gettin a bit bit busy with work & stuff at the moment #

    More than likely no kids with me, so will just throw a swag down beside my esky somewhere 8)

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    Re: NQ M&G

    Looking doughtful for me at this stage, might be busy doing the earthworks on our block of land. Aparently I will have to drive the roller for the guys, thats the price you pay for wanting to live on acerage on a hill.

    Make something Idiot proof and they make better Idiots

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