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Thread: cooking lobster {how long}

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    cooking lobster {how long}

    How long do you boil lobster for? Is it the same as muddie or sand crabs?
    I need to no asap{ my tea tonight}
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: cooking lobster {how long}

    depends on what you are going to do with it and how big it is.
    If you intend on making a curry or doing more heating(cooking) later, you only want to solidify the flesh.
    I cook the average size cray (lobster) for about 15 minutes, remove the tail and devour, then start on the legs and then dismantle the engine room. Only shell left when Im finished

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    Re: cooking lobster {how long}

    Chris - what's going on here !!!!!!!!

    You'd better give me a call so I can help you out.

    Is it a painted and is it whole or is it just the tail. I wouldn't be boiling just the tail - you can make a fantastic pasta dish if you wanted to - mmmmmm lovely cream, garlic and sherry sauce with a hint of parsley.


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    Re: cooking lobster {how long}

    stop the pot !!!!!!

    remove the tail keeping its shell on
    cut the tail lengthways down the centre kepping the shell on
    smear some butter on a hot BBQ plate & place flesh side down
    Squeeze lemon over the top & cover real quick with a metal bowl to help steam for about 4min.

    It is much, much better than boiling. Variations including smearing the flesh side in sweet chilli, or honey & seseame seeds etc then cooking for a carmelised surface - you will never boil again

    You get this wonderful smokey flavour of just the cray with little crispy bits mmmmm

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    Re: cooking lobster {how long}

    Boiling is crap take Chris' advice add some cram and white wine sauce to it and it is even better.

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    Re: cooking lobster {how long}

    Top feed tonight Lightly marinated lobster. I would'nt rate them as high as mud crab but better than the rest of the crustation family i've eatten.

    Thanks for all the ideas fella's
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: cooking lobster {how long}

    BOILING!!! Oh destroyer of fine flesh.

    Another method is to remove the flesh from the tail and cut into nugget sized bits. Dip in egg then bread crumbs and either fry quickly of bake in a hot oven until just starting to brown.
    Consume with lemon and secret dipping sauce (1/2 mayo, 1/2 tomatoe sauce and curry powder to taste)

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    Re: cooking lobster {how long}

    I am amazed at the poor eating qualities of some of the fish in queensland.
    Boiling "destroyer of fine fish"
    boiling in sea water would be one of the most pure ways of cooking a cray and the flavour of the fleshs is what the flesh tastes like and by adding all ya bits and pieces of "enhancements" must only give ya the flavour of those enhancements.
    For me, sitting around a fire with a stubby, pigging out on a fresh cray or 2 or an abalone or 6 is close to heavenly.

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    Re: cooking lobster {how long}

    Flavour is a mix of taste, smell, texture and other physical features (eg. temperature).

    We all have our preferences but boiling gives a rubbery texture & salt is only one of 5 main taste sensations - the others are caused by soluable compounds, dissolved & removed from the flesh by boiling - the most enduring & memorable ( the lipids ) float away, & crustaceans are rich in these.

    If you enjoy salty things then boil. That's why it goes so good with a beer - like nuts or chips. Bottom line is they are yum anyway but in my opinion the flavour of the cray itself is more. Taste the water you boil in before cooking then after cooking - its like a stock afterward - that flavour came from the cray.

    If you do boil throw in a big fish head afterward & continue to boil for an hour or so. Remove the head & skim the scum off the surface. Add 300ml of cream & boil down further. This is a stand alone soup or can have chunks of fish & prawn added for a few minutes etc, used as a base for a rissoto etc etc.

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    Re: cooking lobster {how long}

    i only had one so i could'nt do to much to it. i didn't want to wreck it.
    Blaze i come'n down, how many do we eat in a drinking session.
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: cooking lobster {how long}

    Like the recipe Chris, I'll give that a go

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    Re: cooking lobster {how long}


    should have put it on the hook and sent back down.....

    losted opportunity for the "BIG" snappa......
    "whats the time"

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