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    Here comes nature :)

    FOr those who don't know about these sites, here comes the nice storm

    and the lightning tracker

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    Re: Here comes nature :)

    I really must log on at home and save all these great resources in to my favourites
    You say fish, I say yes please.

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    Re: Here comes nature :)

    After all the built up, out my way, it was a big fizzer.


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    Re: Here comes nature :)

    Well it's giving us a bit of stick over here at Macleay Island.
    Time is 1-30 AM.

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    Re: Here comes nature :)

    During the night 8mm of rain on central GC in about 20 minutes then clear but wind howling in big time through to present time. No fishing today.
    Beach cameras show glassy conditions now


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    Re: Here comes nature :)

    We got 20 minutes of heavy rain and blew like hell all night other than that nothing really to tell.


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    Re: Here comes nature :)

    I was ar work at Nudgee and we coped about 10min's of heavy rain and that was it. The wind was howlling though.
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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