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Thread: 200m from pro's

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    Hey fellas!

    I never have heard of any rule of fishing distances with the pro's the only pro that has ever came up to me was a shark fisherman,and a nice bloke.{not to say they all are} all he was concerned about was casting mono between his two floats because the mono cuts the nylon, but he was more than happy for us to get into the mahi that where hanging around his markers

    Also some pro's came within casting distance of us at Evans,they sat back and saw us bag out,then moved on.It just goes to show you have to be on the spot or you miss out.

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    hi rainbowrunner
    charter boats are not pro they have the same rules as rec.not all pro are idiots but there always one in the bunch.i have seen some rec be like that to.


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    Re: 200m from pro's

    You should see what happens when two trawlers get in to a 'situation', especially when it is out wide where no one can hear you scream!
    You say fish, I say yes please.

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    i been out there and shots have been let loose. knife fight on the whaft boats hitting each other but that was 20 yrs ago.

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