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Thread: 200m from pro's

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    Re: 200m from pro's

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    Prior to reading this thread I thought bad manners and unprofessional behaviour was restricted to the so called Fishing Guides that operate on the Daly and Alligator rivers of the NT.

    I can understand the Guides trying to make a living by getting their paying clients a barra or two, however I would have probably spent 100 times more than their clients in purchasing a boat, fishing rods and all the other gear and have every right to catch a fish as well without the grief from those guys.

    Supposedly these people are given licences to fish because they are professionals, in some cases I would suggest professionals my arse, they are a disgrace and are actually harming the billion dollar fishing tourism industry of the NT and elsewhere.

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    If he had his gear shot (nets out) then can understand his concern. If not, must have had a very bad hair day & should be reported to M.S..

    Did you see any day shape? He is required to show a day shape or at night, red over white or green over white lights depending on if engaged in trawling or fishing.

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    i heard it on the radio amusing to say the least. if he had a burley trail out then i can see why he got so cranky... i do the same myself (just not on the radio). hate having noise when there is snapper on the chew.

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    Sounds like the pro was full of it. One must always conform to the International Collision Regulations, in which they make a point of NOT mentioning distance anywhere, otherwise the legal battles would be never ending.

    So yes, you must not impede a vessel engaged in fishing, but 200m is fictional. And if you are anchored then they can kiss your backside.

    Its also illegal to swear on VHF.

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    However! If the Ausfisher was on a PWC (Jetski) then the Pro may have had a case....
    "PWC are restricted to six knots within 60 metres of people in the water, the shore, the perimeter of bathing reserves, anchored vessels, structures, boat ramps, jetties and pontoons."

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    hi fellas
    iwas the ausfisher who had a runin with the pro
    we were steaming in a notice fish on sounder
    zapped gps marks and started fishing
    then the pro told me to f.....k off and said he had
    a 200 mt exclussion zone he got agro so i left
    i will check up on the ruling

    cheers pete

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    Hi All - just to let you know that we watch the mackerel pro's very closley and move right in with them when the fish are on. (Mooloolaba) We do much as they do and try to conform to the type of trolling & pattern they are working etc. Never had a problem with any of them. not even a glare or dirty look. They are good though and I even have a peek with the binocs to see what they are up to - sneaky little tricks - they still catch more fish than us.

    If I was anchored and burleying and made an attempt to be quiet to catch quality fish then I would be pissed too and have been at the idiots who have come in close to us on one of the close reefs - stooging around and around looking for the "right" mark.

    I have also been in a charter boat at Square Patch and this young charter skipper backed a 42 ft Harris Craft right down between the amateurs already anchored - it was extremely rude and I expected a sinker war to start.

    Recently did the boatsafe course and nothing about a 200m distance limit from a pro - just keep well clear. I wouldnt go close if they were trawling nets etc.


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    Re: 200m from pro's

    Geez , he really must have been into em !
    I think i would have been saying g'day to him with my sinker box
    Never heard of a 200 m rule

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    did you get his boat name/number? looking at westies post you could actually do something with the information.

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    I too heard it on the radio, though couldn't work out what the person was on about! If you did get his numbers, they should be reported, at least for his effort on the radio!


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    Re: 200m from pro's

    There are certain rules that pertain to commercial fishing operations. My understanding is that there is a rule that applies to an 'exclusion zone' in reference to a commercial fisher engaged in fishing operations. Individual interpretation of these rules can cause problems as with many rules, there are what we call, "Grey Areas"! A commercial fisher derives his/her living from the sea and from the fresh product that is available. Fish for example are touchy critters and can be easily spooked. Some instances, commercial fishers watch schools of fish before they either shoot(net) or line catch them. Fishing commercially and professionally is an art form, and at times to maximise catch rates, timing and especially noise reduction is critical. Due to the fact that many Australian's utilise these same natural resources, and also backed by the fact that knowledge on fish and fishing methods, and also reasons for fishing and boating are quite different among individuals, it is quite visible that unfavourable incidents can and do occur. There is a conflict of interest. Quite simply, we have many fisherman(general term) that look at fishing from 'different perspectives'! Commercial fishing is a dying and extremely difficult business in 2005 with so many new hurdles that face commercial fishers. The exclusion rule is included in the fisheries regulations act (big book) that refines certain acts that any boating person or individual cannot do in relation to certain commercial fishing operations. Every incident is usually surrounded by a different set of scenarios and governing factors, and unbeknowns to other boaties, their own actions may impeed a fishing operation. So if a commercial bloke yells and screams(using appropriate language), it is most likely for a legitimate reason. Its unfortunate, but it does happen!
    I don't think the same applies to charter boats!
    Check with the fisheries act, i just rang them, unfortunately no answer!
    Talking from past experience,
    Johnny M

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    Pro Fisherman do not have any exclusion areas but you are not allowed to interfere with any gear they have in the water. So basically he has no right to do what he did. If it happens again record his numbers then give everyone on the VHF a good set of GPS marks

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    that would get there goat right up
    might have to watch that you don't get a 12 gauge pointed your way
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: 200m from pro's

    Hmmmm not a bad thread see this is why would should not of voted out guns from the Australian public.

    As for the swearing it is illegal on all forms of radio, but I am yet to see some one pinged for it! Just tell them to neck up and ignore them, if they become violent pull out you mallet for those unsavoury fish and well sort it out!

    Who has ever had first hand knowledge of these types getting find for acts like this?

    I personally have never heard of it!



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    Re: 200m from pro's

    I remember at college there was something about the rights of a pro fisherman.
    they can ask you to leave an area if they want to fish it whether nets or trawl or whatever.
    Is a charter a pro?
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