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Thread: WIN a fishing trip

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    WIN a fishing trip

    Hi ausfishers,
    Its almost summer and the summer speedsters aren't too far away so here is your chance to get amoungst them on the north coast of NSW with 'MONOS SPORTFISHING ADVENTURES'.
    You will be fishing with fishing legends Dave Nugget Downie, Brian Webb (Webby), Steve (Mr Ausfish himself) and hopefully the legend himself Mr Rod Harrison. With a crew like that it should be fun and catching fish will just be a bonus .
    All you have to do is come up with a name for my new vessel.
    My current vessel is called 'Cavanbah' (which is the original name of Byron Bay & means 'meeting place'.)
    The new vessel is a Sailfish Catamaran, 8.5mtr x 3.1mtrs.
    You can enter as many times as you like.
    You will have to make your own way to Brunswick Heads on the nominated day.
    The winner will also get a signed Shirt (by the crew) from Wilsons-Texalium Rods.
    Entries close 21st November 2005.
    The winner will be picked by the boss (Mrs Mono)
    Good luck.
    Capt Mark 'Mono' Stewart

    "May your ratchet keep screamin"

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    "WINDARA" (spelling is probably wrong) after the Windara Banks.

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    Mono's Mistress

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    how about

    "Mrs MONO"

    "Rabbitoh Attack"

    "Bonita" (portugeuse (brasil) for Beautiful)

    names aren't my strong point
    Bring on the Marlin!!!

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    PS. Forgot to mention to please post your entries here, not my PM. Thanks
    "May your ratchet keep screamin"

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    hey mono how are ya long time no see
    what about "4 play"


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    Re: WIN a fishing trip


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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    What about 'Havaball' which in aussie means to "be with friends in a good time and place"


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    Re: WIN a fishing trip


    "Optional Extra"

    "Fully Loaded"

    "Legendary Stuff"

    "Are you getting enough ?"


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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    How about "fishy catcher"

    "Reely easy fishin"

    "bolshaya reeba" (Russian for big fish)

    Or some thing for the authorities like "People smuggler" or "Boat People Ferries Pty Ltd"
    "Lil bigger than whiting"
    Or the crem de lecrem "the Cat"

    Do I win

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    Or some thing cheesy like "blue water slaughter"

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip


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    Re: WIN a fishing trip


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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    a cat i worked on many yrs ago and now is no longer active so the name is up for grabs went by "Worripa" for the life of me i can't remember the meaning though there was one.. It has always been a name i held onto.

    Or you could go with: Carrahjun aboriginal word for fishing line.

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip


    [smiley=jester.gif] [smiley=jester.gif] [smiley=jester.gif]

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