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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    "Minjungbal" after the local koorie people.

    "The Minjungbal people lived in the New Brighton and Ocean Shores areas where seafood and an abundance of wildlife provided a constant food supply"

    The Seafood abundance might be a good omen
    Eat well, drink in moderation, exercise often and yet you still die anyway!

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    G' about
    "fat cat"
    "out there" or

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    sail fish, cat fish

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    Right Side Up

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip


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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    Shook Up
    Beaver Bait
    Beaver Retreiver
    Berth Control
    Bad Karma
    Change in Latitude
    [smiley=hammer.gif] [smiley=hammer.gif] [smiley=hammer.gif]

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    the s.s. more powerful than superman, batman, spiderman and the incredible hulk put together (family guy)

    the s.s. seaspanker (the simpsons)

    but seriously nothing with the word "reel" in it >


    p.s. if it doesn't have the word reel in it do i win?

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    You could call it Tommy (After the Primus song "Tommy the cat")?!

    <I am literally listening to it now too>

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    Bardo - Means WATER
    Binda - Means Deep Water
    Cooinda - Means " Happy Place "
    Guyra - Means a fishing place
    Kalinda - Means the Sea
    Kamballa - Means " Young Woman "
    Katyin - Means Water
    Maindample - Means " Womans Breats "
    Mandu - Means the Sun
    Matong - Means " Strong"
    Minar - Means a Mariner
    Myuna - Means clear water
    Narrah - Means the Sea
    Pangari - Means " Of the Soul "
    Tinka - Means the day
    Uwan - means " To Meet "
    Wangara - means " West Wind "
    Warrain - Means "Belonging to the Sea"
    Yileen - Means " Dream "
    Yungara - Means " The Wife "

    Just think........

    I'm going to a cooinda to uwana a kamballa with big maindamples, hope the yungara doesn't find out!
    Gold Coast

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    Gimbal Grinder
    The Pheramone (hormonal attractant)
    Drag Tester
    Deep Explorer
    The Extractor
    Fish Extractor
    Toothie Extractor
    Deep Extractor
    Extractor Factor
    Additonal Dependant
    Twin Fettish
    Twin Thing
    2 Nauti

    Puss'll-do (name they gave the pet cat in the book "February Dragon" by Colin Thiele)

    or my personal favourite "Give away free to [s]good home[/s] nonibbles"
    Any fishing is good fishing (should probably say Any fishing is...probably going to be illegal soon)

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip


    Aboriginal for Dugong

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    Bigger, Longer & Uncut
    Bite My Fly
    Blood Vessel
    Bob on This!
    Coin Operated
    Sotally Tober
    Goody Two Screws

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    Ocean Moggy

    Ocean Miss

    Cat - ching

    Cat - cher

    Sea Cat-cher

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    Re: WIN a fishing trip


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    Re: WIN a fishing trip

    Quote Originally Posted by banshee
    "WINDARA" (spelling is probably wrong) after the Windara Banks.
    Just to expand on banshee's... I like "The Windarra Wanderer"

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