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    Fishing in Alice Springs

    I have had a dream for over six years to bring recreational fishing to Alice Springs.
    It is now about to happen.
    Below is my web site...

    Moderators, if this is in the wrong area, please move to where it is appropriate. Thanks.

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    Re: Fishing in Alice Springs

    Good luck Desert Fish, I lived in Alice for 4 years and would have loved to have access to local fishing.
    If you can succesfully establish it and keep the fish healthy, I am sure you will do well.

    I'll watch with interest.


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    Re: Fishing in Alice Springs

    I have done 6 years of research before even contemplating turning the first sod. After some 18 months of trying to find suitable land, I have now found it, and this is going to happen. See my website for details.

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    Re: Fishing in Alice Springs

    Great idea and I think this is a great way to go. Easy and accessable and loads of fun, as long as it looks natural, not like a farm pond.
    Just a question, why golden perch instead of sooty grunter? Sooties are are far better fishing option in my book, and will live with barras no problems as they are so aggressive. Not meaning to question your methods (I mean 6 years compared to my 60 secs), just curious.

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    Re: Fishing in Alice Springs

    I am limited by laws in the NT as to what I can stock. Yes, I would like to have grunter, but not yet.

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