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    Re:  2 new members

    Welcome aboard boys, always good to see the young ones gettin on and keeping Dad honest, just ask Kingtin, kingcobe keeps him honest hey Kev...

    Have fun boys....
    May the winds blow lightly upon your sails
    May the seas buffet gently upon your hull
    May your chiller be full of piscatorial delights

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    Re:  2 new members

    Good on ya Guys, thanks for making the boys feel welcome, but dont encourage them too much, Im already having trouble keeping up.


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    Re: #2 new members

    Quote Originally Posted by grayson
    Welcome Max and Charlie. max that sure is an impressive flattie. I am so jealous as we only get small bartails and blue spots over here in the west. Man I would love to get onto a flattie like that.

    Fish hard or go home
    Hi Grayson,
    We went to the R.S.L and we just got live bait (live mullet).we were there for about 1 hour.
    I was just windng in and i felt a hit and thinkin it was the bottom i kept winding in and it happend again,so i struck and i was on and then i called dad down to help me.So i got it in after about 5mins or so,(forget the gaff)dad had 2 grab the 80 lb trace and dad rip it in and pulled it up on to the ground where i was standin and i just looked at it i was the happiest time of my life and 1 was only 11 and it was 11 and 3/4 lb (5.200KG).

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    Re:  2 new members

    Good on ya boys. Welcome aboard.. I only just took my two eldest sons out this afternoon for their maiden boat fishing expedition and they are 20 & 15.....NUP...... NUTTIN

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    Re:  2 new members

    Welcome to the site charlie & max. I am sure you will like this site as I do and always have since I joined.

    Jay Jay
    Go mighty Broncos

    Go Wallabies

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    Re:  2 new members

    Hey charlie & max, welcome to the site. Im only 16 and theres also chemmy and Scott15 that are 16/17....ish. Theres a few of us "under pensioner" age around.....just joking old fella's i deeply respect each and every one of u. i had bets that i wouldnt make it past my 16th birthday....

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    Re:  2 new members

    Welcome aboard fellas.

    It's always nice to see newbies join the team.


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    Re:  2 new members

    i would like to welcome the pearly and lizard, welcome to there young buddies max and charlie

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    Re:  2 new members

    Hi Guys and welcome!

    Why don't you change your nicknames to "tworabbit" and "threerabbit" for Dad

    Good luck, look forward to your reports.

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    Re:  2 new members

    Hey guys,
    Welcome to the sight I'm 13 aswell I joined about 2-3 weeks ago and think it is an awesome site.
    good luck


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    Re: #2 new members

    # #thanks all,heres a pic ull laugh at.hi gone_phishion and kingcobe.

    # #maximus

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