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    Hi all,

    After many hours of watching, my two boys have finally convinced me they can be responsible here.
    I would like to introduce my boys, Charlie, neon1991 (14), & Max, hot _spottie (13).

    Both are fishos in the making.

    Both will have boasts of their own to make.

    Any problems, LET ME KNOW


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    Re:  2 new members

    That is my youngest, Max.

    This one my oldest, Charlie.


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    Re:  2 new members

    hi dad
    ok im 13 hello, im a keen fisho wonderin about all ur storys pics etc so good luck fishin

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    Re:  2 new members

    Hey Max, welcome to Ausfish mate.

    And welcome to you too Charlie...


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    Re:  2 new members

    Welcome fellas.

    The Saltwater Reports section is where you put up all the posts of you guys outfishing your dad!!!

    Hope you enjoy Ausfish guys.

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    Re:  2 new members

    Yeh - good onya all three of you. thre's nothing that will set up fonder memories than fishing with your family. I still fish with my young bloke (well, he's 28) whenever I can, and its still the best!!


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    Re: #2 new members

    Welcome Charlie and Max,

    Good to see a keen interest. Love fishing in Ballina... it's a beautiful spot. As a matter of fact I will be there over easter.


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    Re:  2 new members

    Welcome to the site guys.

    Don't forget to post fishing reports, especially when you outfish the old man.

    Do you ever do any fishing around Woodburn? The river around there looks pretty interesting.


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    Re:  2 new members

    Looks like you guys come with credentials, you'll have to keep an eye on them muzz...particularly if they start telling fibbies like outfishing the old man...who ever heard of such things

    Welcome Max and Charlie...look forward to seeing you around the boards



    Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved, Gabriel Marcel

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    Re:  2 new members

    Hey welcome on board guys ..Good to see another fishing family I fish with my son Brett (35) and grandson Adam(7)and it is the best time of all even if I get outfished or we dont catch anything Its just being there together that counts.
    cheers Terry
    Cheers Tezza

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    Re:  2 new members

    thanks,no we dont usually fish out of woodbourn TOL,fishins average and nothin much else.

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    Re:  2 new members

    Hey Max & Charlie,

    From what the old man tells me it wont be long before he's real good at gaffing fish!

    All the best.


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    Re:  2 new members

    Max and Charlie,

    Junior Burgers welcome here always. There's lot to learn and by the look of it you could teach us a thing or too already. Remember, be good to your Dad, afterall he is your wheels until you are 18!

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    Re:  2 new members

    Welocme Max and Charlie. My son kingcobe posts here also. His name is Jay Jay (short for Josh Junior as we also have an older boy called Josh)


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    Re:  2 new members

    Welcome Max and Charlie. max that sure is an impressive flattie. I am so jealous as we only get small bartails and blue spots over here in the west. Man I would love to get onto a flattie like that.

    Fish hard or go home

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