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    Re: should he pay for it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Angla
    I had a mate who went with me and unhooked the anchor chain from the rope. Next time I went out I threw the anchor overboard, Didn't I?

    When confronted he denied and wouldn't pay.

    I just charged it on the next account I sent him, as I subcontract to him.

    Your situation is different. Just accept a reasonable amount from him as he did offer.

    Now that would p1ss me off. >

    P.S. I loved your solution.

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    Re: should he pay for it?

    I had a friend snap the tip of the rod off on a stinking cattie, and I would never have made them pay for it...

    Look at it as a good excuse to buy a newer & better one!

    You can always do what I've done too... Use the broken (now shorter) one as a different role... They make a great bait jig rod

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    Re: should he pay for it?

    mate buys beer and more beer, maybe a wisky or two and you have the pleasure of years of
    ya remember that day ya broke my best bloody rod (priceless)
    I have had at least 2 rods broken by mates leaving them rigged with sinkers rubbing the side of the rod for 50km trips home, who's fault, they did it but I should have checked that they are derigged.

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    Re: should he pay for it?


    Mate, it was your gear and if the tailgate came down on it, irrespective of who shut the tailgate you mustn't have stowed it properly. Sorry, as any ex or serving defence force will tell you, you're responsible for your own gear.

    You're obviously good mates and there is perhaps a bit of embarrassment for both of you. He's offered to pay because he's probably feeling guilty and you're feeling guilty because you probably think he should.

    Putting the point to him that you're equally responsible will serve two purposes, or even three. You'll prove to him that you're a sound bloke, it will take half the financial strain off you and half off him, you both meeting half-way will cement your friendship further and you'll both end up laughing about it in the end.

    If you were a miserable bastard like me you would make the point that he wasn't checking the tail was clear and he could just have easily chopped your bloody fingers off Think yourself lucky


    When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this - you haven't.

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    Re: should he pay for it?

    go fifty fifty or whip him with it!

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    Re: should he pay for it?

    The most valuable commodity here is your friendship(even though he does not fish)

    Personally, I do not think it is your decision to make. He broke it and it is his decsion as to what the most reasonable outcome is. Some friends would insist on paying for it, some would not or cannot afford to.

    Either way, accept his decision and move on. There is more at stake here than a fishing rod.

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    Re: should he pay for it?

    well said robersl. i know with my best mate my money's his (the other way round at the moment though cos im still dead broke). but yeah, money should be irrelevant i rec kon,


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    Re: should he pay for it?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheSaint
    I've always gone by this rule..

    You break it, YOU brought it!
    Same rule applies with my gear due to the amount of times ive lent gear to so called friends who then give it back buggered and laugh how funny it was how it broke you get sick of it after a while. I like most, work hard to pay for my gear so why should i have to go out and pay for something again that I already owned.Most important rule is as you hand it over thats when you say it (you break it you own it ).Cheers Snas

    Live life like a dog,If you cant eat it or hump it ,
    pee on it and walk away.

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    Re: should he pay for it?

    I wouldn't even dream of charging a mate for it. No one getting in my boat sets out to intentionaly break anything. A genuin appology is all that is needed. If there is no appology he doest come fishing again.

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    Re: should he pay for it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Luc
    He offered so accept the offer.

    that says it all

    this is mi 50th post


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    Re: should he pay for it?

    Hi snas
    different thing if someone borrows off me, the rules is if you borrow it and damage it you replace, but for the original post I feel its different.

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    Re: should he pay for it?

    As others have said let it slide, tell him he owes you a beer or two. A couple of weeks ago my mate threw my cast net over a nice snag at boggy creek, told me hed have a new one for me next week, told him not to worry about it

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    Re: should he pay for it?

    hay mate i hope ur non fishing mate dosent read ausfish ahahah

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    Re: should he pay for it?

    Had a certain deckie drop $450 worth of gear over the side a while back. Wouldn't charge him for it , even if I could. So much more value in constantly bringing up "the $450 splash" & asking "where's the Alvey" Isn't that right Charlie !!!!!


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    Re: should he pay for it?

    yes its also a laugh when your rock climbing and your friend just drops your rack 40m down the cliff.... ha ha splash. Funny, now how do you get down????

    No but seriously, if it is not essential, be prepared that one day it will break. Be a Buddist.

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