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    Cleaning shark jaws

    Does anyone know how i would go about cleaning mould off shark jaws? Was given an awesome set off a 16ft tiger, have had them hanging up but during the "wet" they have gone really mouldy and yuk. Used toothpaste and a toothbrush to sparkle up the teeth which makes the mould stand out even more
    Dont want to hit it with bleach in case they all fall out or something stupid. Also what can i do to stop it happening again. Varnish? Would it discolour? They were pretty amazing and i dont want to bugger em so please help me

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    Re: Cleaning shark jaws

    Just a brief comment on mold is that most are controlled by some form of
    copper based chemical .
    Like using copper based paints on boats etc

    So I would talk to some of the Agricultural people and or maybe the local


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    Re: Cleaning shark jaws

    A quick dip in bleach shouldn't hurt them at all.
    Gold Coast

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    Re: Cleaning shark jaws

    fish lady,,,,,,,as heath posted a quick dip wont hurt,,, but dont answer the phone and get caught up in it if they are old,,,,,,,,

    i use """sterident""",,, (the stuff you buy from the chemist to clean dentures)

    if the jaws are to big for the sink or a bucket,,,, try the bath and keep turning them around for a good coating,,, and sun dry,,,

    (make sure all the teeth are there before the kids jump in for their nightly wash)

    there is a product called (i think ) peri-wash,,,,,, its a anti fungal product what the museums etc utilise thats avail for general use,,, dont know where its avail from,,, but may be worth a call to the local if your mould drama continues,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    can it get any better??????????????,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Re: Cleaning shark jaws

    I just rang Greg Norman to ask him who he used, but some strange sounding chic answered the phone said "gweg, he busy rite now - you call back after 1 hour short time". I did that and he answerd (shock) i asked "hey greg mate who was that chick cleaning your gums? whats her name - mate" the smug bastard hung up on me.

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    Re: Cleaning shark jaws

    May be a bit late, but this may help:

    - Darren

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    Re: Cleaning shark jaws

    Thanks heaps guys I knew i could depend on the brains trust. Will let you know how it goes.

    Quote Choppa
    (make sure all the teeth are there before the kids jump in for their nightly wash)

    Who said my kids wash!!.....3 boys!!
    No really thats not so funny since on Friday one of my staff caught his elbow on it and ended up with three stitches!! Seriously!! Cant wait for the compo claim!!
    Always thought Greg had shiny theeth.......perhaps he uses sterident too!!!
    Anyway thanks again guys

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    Re: Cleaning shark jaws

    Hi Jane

    I have a set of tiger jaws and Napisan worked a treat for me (48 hours soaking), Then a full week hung up to dry, then at least 10 coasts of clear automotive lacquer (the kind you can spray) over a period of 10 days. They have come up beaut.

    Ranger 188VX - "Sweet Chariot"

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    Re: Cleaning shark jaws

    Thanks Paul.
    I will try napisan since yours came up well and let you know how they turn out. How did you keep the laquer off the teeth or did you just spray the lot? That seems a dumb question now that I've asked it (I am a blonde!!) Dont take advantage of that latest fact and tell me you taped them all!!! Was funny enough brushing its teeth with toothpaste and a brush!

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    Re: Cleaning shark jaws

    sorry fishlady,,,,,,,,,,,,honest

    i just read my response and saw that it can be taken a number of ways

    i dont have dentures

    i clean shark jaws in strerident,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    bugger greg norman,,,,,,,,,,,he can afford the whole fish

    i'll make up for it and let ya know what the """"peri wash""" stuff is,,,

    (mrs choppa read my response above and is still laughing,,,)
    can it get any better??????????????,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Re: Cleaning shark jaws

    When doing things like this, get as much flesh off the bone as possible and the sit it on an ant nest and they will clean it up for you as they will get in and clean the marrow out as well I did this to a big Spaniard head and it come up a treat


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