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    Re: Where are you???

    roma qld, anywhere closer to water would be better.

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    Re: Where are you???

    Hi herm

    Alexandra Hills here.
    Almost neighbours to you.
    I fish the bay alot, brisbane river.

    Just bought a 5.1mt Ally Craft centre console with 75hp mariner, so starting to branch off shore and across ro Moreton etc. Pm me mate, maybe we can catch up and have a beer or fish together.


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    Re: Where are you???

    El Carpo

    I was in England upto the late 60's and I think it might be a lot better now. In the 50's and 60's the best fishing was in Ireland, which is only a quick boat trip from Liverpool. My target species was pike although my personal record was only seven pounds.

    In Queensland I target Bass, Yellowbelly and Tilapia. Carp are a bit like catfish - great fun but not all the time. You can actually see the carp swimming all round you in the shallow rivers just a few miles West of where I live.

    I have always done ok fishing for Bass and Yellowbelly; length wise I have landed 55 cms of each (Yes I know I keep switching from Imperial to metric).

    This year I have caught almost nothing, just the odd yellowbelly or baby bass. Must the the low water levels causing the fish to move away from the known good spots. I can't even find them on my sounder.

    Tilapia are good to catch. They take all my skills as an angler to catch them and land them on light line. For me they are the best fighting fish in the world for their size(Up to 5 pounds).

    Shame, but they have been declared a noxious fish in Australia. There are all kinds of rules that have to be followed. I hate killing ANY fish but laws are laws.


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    Re: Where are you???

    From Redcliffe, and fish easturies around the area, in the bay, and outside.

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    Re: Where are you???

    Gday all
    Live in Galston, north west Sydney

    Fish, Anywhere from Berowra Waters, Hawkesbury and Brisbane waters,
    Soon to start venturing up to inland dams like Glenbawn and always interested in any good spots around these areas.

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    Re: Where are you???

    Hi all

    Im from Redcliffe, I spent years as a kid fishing around here and down the pin with my dad. I finally bought my first boat a few weeks ago and now im looking forward to learning about fishing for all the ones I never got a chance at, snapper jew and just experiencing life again. I spent a long time away from what I love and it is time to get the passion back. [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif] [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]


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    Re: Where are you???

    G'day all
    Live in Gladstone, Qld. Came here for a 3 month job, been here 9 years

    Fish the harbour, narrows and creeks and rivers, starting to fish outside with some other mates, going as far as 4.5mtr tinnie allows

    Also fish at Awoonga, can't stop chasing a bigger barra.


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    Re: Where are you???

    G'day im in Caloundra & fish the close reefs of Mooloolaba.

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    Re: Where are you???

    I'm in Bunbury WA at the moment, off to Gove NT soon, Grew up in Giru just south of Townsville QLD.
    Iz just gota get a boat for Gove

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    Re: Where are you???

    Good old pine rivers and will fish anywhere I can get to. A fair bit around the pine river and redcliffe/ scarborough areas though.

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    Re: Where are you???

    Golden Beach Caloundra........ Just dont get enough time away from work to enjoy it!

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    Re: Where are you???

    Now living at Canungra. Moved down at the start of the year with work from Darwin. Don't do much fishing. Liked fishing up in the NT when it wasn't too hot. Fished Darwin Harbour, Bynoe Harbour and Corroboree Billabong. Don't fish as much down here as I am stuck to weekends and there is sooooooo much boat traffic down the Gold Coast.

    Hopefully going back to Darwin at the end of next year. Other half will be happy


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    Re: Where are you???

    We finally moved into our new place last week. Mentioned it, it an earlier post. For those that missed it, a house with a big shed and a pool, on 3.7 acres. Overlooking Lake Macdonald on the Sunshine coast, I'm happy as Larry. Here's the view from the front yard.

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    Re: Where are you???

    Sunshine Coast

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    Re: Where are you???

    At Kawana Island on the Sunny Coast so offshore Mooloolaba is home turf for me.

    Ranger 188VX - "Sweet Chariot"

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