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    Re: Where are you???

    Hey - TheOldLegend!

    You could be my neighbour!


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    Re: Where are you???

    port bundy real close to river and ocean like to fish wide

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    Re: Where are you???

    Just sth of you Meadowbrook on the lovely Logan river

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    Re: Where are you???

    Hi All I live at Caboolture Like to fish Caboolture River & North Reef at Scarbough & the bay when it is safe to do so for my 3.6 meter Tinny I need help with getting the trailor out of garage Launching & Retrving washing and putting it back in garage so if anyone that lives near by would like to help me and come fishing .
    Please P.M. me
    Cheers Harry
    Harry Cabfisher

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    Re: Where are you???

    Bowen, North Qld

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    Re: Where are you???

    Mission Beach fish the family group of islands and the local rivers and like to explore new fishing spots.

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    Re: Where are you???

    i'm from bundaberg.mostly fish the estuary and chase bass out at lake gregory.

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    Re: Where are you???

    Hi Janine Sydney,mainly fish local but have been up as far as Gladstone 16hrs drive with trailer

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    Re: Where are you???

    Hi all i,m at Clontarf i fish the around the peninsula to mooloolabar

    cheers David

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    Re: Where are you???

    hello all im from whyalla south australia ,,, we mainly fish for snapper this way... cheers fred

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    Re: Where are you???

    From Wodonga on the VIC-NSW Border.
    Fish the Murray for Cod and Crays, Lake
    Hume for Red Fin and the Mitta Mitta and
    Little Snowy for Trout and any dam in the
    area for a feed of Yabbies [smiley=fireman.gif]

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    Re: Where are you???

    Gove NT and fish anywhere there's water as its all full a fish round here. Wessels, English Companys and Brombys are favorite spots.

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    Re: Where are you???

    Hey El carpo

    You should see the carp in Queensland. I fish for them with 2kilo line and size 12 hook and they come up to 10 kilo very often.

    I also see guys fishing for them using bow and arrows. They fight like hell (the fish not the archers) beats the hell out of the fishing near Liverpool were I was in a previous life.


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    Re: Where are you???

    Logan City is where I hang out.
    All the best,

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    Re: Where are you???


    They do get big. That's for sure and they fight good too. Their popularity is growing as a sportfish. I enjoy carp fishing a lot (though barra fishing sounds better ). Sounds like you prefer light gear for them. 2kg is about 4 pound I think? (math was not my best subject ). You're a skilled fisherman! Landing a 20 pound bruiser of a fish on 4 pound test line is no simple feat!

    We have bow fishers over here too. They shoot the common carp but right now they mainly are after an invasive species called the asian big head carp and silver carp. They have gotten loose and are taking over our river systems. The big fear is that they will get beyond the electric barrier and get into the Great Lakes. They get to massive sizes. 100 pounds! They are dangerous too. When you go near them in a boat, they get scared and start jumping wildly. Wouldn't it be fun to get hit in the face with a 100 pound carp while scooting around in your fishing boat? OUCH! They're filter feeders too so you can't really catch them on hook and line. You'd need an awfully small hook to bait a piece of plankton.

    You're from Liverpool? That's cool! Home of the Beatles right? Is there good fishing in England? What did you mostly catch there? I hear about the carp, trout and pike. Are there other species that fishermen and women chase?

    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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