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    Re: Where are you???

    hi, i'm currently in Beauty Point tasmania about 4 mins north of Beaconsfield.
    fish (dive) mainly the east coast of tas. and Trout streams, lakes, dams. when in trout season.

    when i'm not down here at uni, i spend most of my time around Coffs Harbour area.

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    Re: Where are you???

    Johannesburg SA

    Closest saltwater fishing is +/- 6 hours drive add two if towing a boat.

    Makes me as jealous as my USA counterpart not being able to take part in Ausfish M+G's

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    Re: Where are you???


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    Re: Where are you???

    Victoria point where the beautiful Moreton Bay is my back yard!!

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    Re: Where are you???

    Brisbane in the Great South East (Qld)
    I fish everywhere expect creeks in Brisbane Gee I live in wrong place but Forced to work in this place


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    Re: Where are you???

    Gidday Im Gold Coast and along with my son Brett (Brejen)and our deckie Adam(grandson) fish the reefs off the seaway with the occasional trip up to the sunshine coast to the brother in laws and fish the banks cal-wide etc.Prior to this it was Darwin NT and spent a lot of time down the track fishing the east and south alligators ,hardys creek mary and adelaide and roper and daly and on and on rivers (phew)...really miss my barra fishing so a trip to arrawonga dam on the cards next holidays .
    cheers Terry
    Cheers Tezza

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    Re: Where are you???

    Formerly from Durban, South Africa and have lived in USA, Ireland and England, now settled in Bargara Beach near Bundaberg- I fish rivers, lakes, beach, rocks everywhere!

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    Re: Where are you???

    Wellington Point. I fish everywhere.


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    Re: Where are you???

    Barnsley, Newcastle, N.S.W.
    5 Minutes from the lake 20 minutes from the sea

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    Re: Where are you???

    Kippa-Ring for me.
    Fish the northern bay and around the Cape and beyond.

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    Re: Where are you???

    Live in Toowoomba....developed Eddy Lures 25 years ago but sold it in 98 . Fished all over from Kununurra to Copeton Dam. My wife and I have just got back into fishing now the kids have finished sport...bought a 5.7 Freedom Sport and am loving it ...been out about ten times in the last 5 weeks. Want to get out to the B Banks this weekend but the weather is a question.
    My wife & I used to walk down to the sunken wall (brissy river) in the middle of the night back in the mid seventies. Not a good spot to be caught on a big tide, but great bream fishing at times. Every body needs a passion and fishin's mine. ... ed

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    Re: Where are you???

    From gayndah (1hr n a 1/2 west of bundaberg. Fish the burnett river and noosa area a fair bit.

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    Re: Where are you???

    I'm From Inverell northern NSW , fish for cod in the local rivers and dams. Hears one of the rivers I have to put up with!!!.
    Also try to get up to one of the barra dams once or twice a year.

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    Re: Where are you???

    Burbs of Western Australia. Have fished many places north and south along this great coast.

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    Re: Where are you???

    Most of the time I'm at North Brisbane, the rest of the time I'm at Woodford. I fish redcliffe and brisbane river msot of the time, but frequent sandgate, cabbage tree creek, nudgee beach, etc.

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