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    Re: Where are you???

    from Brisbane, favourite spot is Caloundra's close reefs.

    "The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish and the latter is entitled to an even chance for it's life."
    (Quotation from the rules of the Tuna Club Avalon, Santa Catalina, U.S.A.)

    Apathy is the enemy

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    Re: Where are you???

    Hi Janine! Welcome

    I am from Brisbane north and fish the pine river, cabbage tree creek as well as the close reefs in the northern bay around Redcliffe. I get up to Noosa quite a bit but haven't really figured it out yet I might have to ask someone from Ausfish to come out with me one weekend and show me where all the fish are hiding!! Lol. I also do a fair bit of beach fishing for taylor from Morten and DI when i can!!

    tight lines.


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    Re: Where are you???

    Welcome - Im here on the Sunshine Coast at Mooloolaba. We fish most of the close reefs from Arkwright Shoals at Coolum, the Blinker, The Gneerings, The Lump, Currimundi Close, Wide, Wider, Raper Shoals and have trolled everywher in between on occasions.

    We have good fishing and we are lucky.


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    Re: Where are you???

    G'day neighbour Im in sunny downtown Capalaba just around the corner!! Fish the bay anywhere from Bribie to the Pin depending on weather conditions and where others are going. Usually launch from Manly cause the ramp at wello is a pain to launch and retreive from solo (i.e I dont like chips in my gelcoat) and when the wind gets up its pretty open . Have also been known to lurk around the Tweed from time to time. Hope to see you around give us a wave if you do!

    Cheers and beers
    "Mystique" Haines Signature 580BR with 175 of Mr Suzuki's finest ponies

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    Re: Where are you???

    The Outback...

    Well, close enough. Western Atherton Tablelands (Herberton/Wondecla).

    Queenslander, of course



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    Re: Where are you???

    Brissie my whole 34 years JUST LUCKY I GUESS!! Fish the bay Nth/Sth coast Island yeah as said I' fish anywhere too.

    Yellow perch? never seen them before, we have Yellow belly (no reflection on us Australians I hope?)


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    Re: Where are you???


    Yeah, I'm a Bears fan but that often gets depressing too. They stink! The bitterness of my carp rant is spilling over. Thanks for trying to cheer me up and being optimistic though!


    Our yellow perch are pretty close to your red-fins from the pics I've seen on Ausfish. The first time I saw one, I thought it was a yellow perch.

    As far as your concerns about about yellow bellies being a reflection on you Australians goes.........FEAR NOT! I've seen pics of your wild-life! I would never, ever call an Australian yellow under any but the most extreme of circumstances. I doubt I'd have the courage to even step outside my front door let alone get in the ocean with what you lot hang out with. It's all poisonous THIS and big teeth THAT over there!

    You Aussies are either the bravest or craziest breed of humans on the planet! So yeah, you can believe me when I say you'll never hear me call any of you or your countrymen or women (whom by the way are also braver than me...not to mention far easier on the eyes ) a coward.

    Besides, if I ever made fun of "yellow bellies", you guys could make a lot more fun out of our "crappies" which, by the way, may just be the world's worst named fish. It's pronounced CRAH-pee, but there's not a person alive who would think so. Poor fish. You think you have problems? How'd you like to have to go through life with a name like crappie? Almost brings a tear to your eye.......until you think of the tit mouse or dung beetle. Then you just giggle.

    My ankle is finally healing (sprained or broke it or something three weeks ago) so I'll soon be able to spend more time fishing and less time thinking up things like this post. Hang in there everyone. The end is nigh! Then, I should be a more "Badger-like" rather than "Mr. Toad-like" individual.

    *See "Wind in the Willows" for further details.*

    Also, to get back to what the main point of this thread is about, it seems like most Ausfishers are from the Eastern and Southeastern section of the country. Is that right? In all this time, I've never really looked at a map for the towns, lakes, rivers and parts of the ocean that have been mentioned. Good idea for a thread!
    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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    Re: Where are you???

    Teewah on the Noosa North Shore. Have got the world on my doorstep - if there were barra here I'd never leave.

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    Re: Where are you???

    rockhampton. mostly fish the river but might need to go out to the islands and chase the mackerel soon

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    Re: Where are you???

    I am from Townsville and a nomad a heart always try and fish different places. My next all aussie adventure may even even see me travel south abit to Peter Faust dam.



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    Re: Where are you???

    Russell island in #Moreton Bay. Fish all over the place bar around this Island.


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    Re: Where are you???

    Caboolture and I fish Passage and Caboolture river

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    Re: Where are you???

    Deception Bay now, Fish mainly Bribie, caboolture river, passage and the pine. Odd trip to the Islands or bay am looking to do more of the latter now.

    Formerly Bundy born, I still miss the VILLE

    May your lines be as tight as ....

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    Re: Where are you???

    Chandler here on the southside of brisbane. Fish anywhere from hutchies to the pin. Sepending on what boat is at my disposal and who i'm goin with. Mainly fish the brissy river and green island.
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    Re: Where are you???

    hey bushbeachboy what is your name and where are you from i am also from the burdekin. i live in ayr.

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