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    Re: Where are you???

    Yep I'd be up for a Redlands M & G for sure BBQ at Wello or Raby Bay or drinks at Hogans or the Sands not fussed but would be great to meet up with some local Ausfishers

    Cheers and Beers
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    Re: Where are you???

    Might be an idea to hold it on neutral ground: if it were held at somebody's house, then that somebody would probably be forced by the neighbours to leave the neighbourhood.

    Just my thoughts.


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    Re: Where are you???

    I'm at Brighton (QLD).
    I usually launch from Clontarf or Scarborough and fish Redcliffe, Pumicestone Passage, and the Pine river.
    I have the Ausfish stickers (in red), and my 3.75 Cody is named "Sea~Puppy"
    Say Hi if you're out and about!


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    Re: Where are you???

    Yeah TOL,

    Netural ground sounds good. I only suggested BBQ at Janine's 'tongue in cheek' as I thought she mentioned it on an earlier post.

    We had a family m&g at Peel earlier on this year and it turned out a great day. Doesn't bother me where either, fishing or non fishing.

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    Re: Where are you???

    I'm at Cleveland, and would be stoked to meet the redlands chapter, seems like it's just a where and when?

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    Re: Where are you???

    here on bribie . hubby

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    Re: Where are you???

    Abu Dhabi...but I'll be swanning around the Whitsundays come November

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    Re: Where are you???

    At Kedron for the moment renting

    I have had my offer on a house accepted tonight !

    Now I am moving North from where I am. Over the Hornibrook

    The boat ramp is only 3 mins away !
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    Re: Where are you???

    Seventeen Mile rocks (near Jindalee).


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    Re: Where are you???

    Tintenbar. ....Northern NSW,

    10 k's north of Ballina.

    Cheers Chillihead.

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    Re: Where are you???

    Hey Janine

    Looks like your thread has come back to life for a second time , I wonder if you have noticed ?? Great to read where people are from.

    We are from Pine Rivers and tend to fish out of Shorncliffe or on the Pine River locally. If we go North its Caloundra or Noosa, if we go south it is the Pin.

    We've got easy access to the Scarborough Reefs and Brissy River but am embarrassed to say that inspite of being so close, we've only started to explore them since joining Ausfish ...but we're having fun doing that now...definite case of better late than never !!


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    Re: Where are you???

    hi, i,m from bethania southside,fish anywhere i can.originally from PNG,hey richieboy what part of png u from WANTOK?

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    Re: Where are you???

    tweed river

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    Re: Where are you???


    Been done to death in another thread

    Me, northern beaches of Cairns (Kewarra beach).

    M: 0410 834 486

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    Re: Where are you???

    Gladstone here, but soon to be Cairns.

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