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    Re: Fish kills spear-fishing diver

    I'm in agreeance with you "rough shag" on what you said in your first paragraph. It is a typically human to do. We laugh at other stupid things that people do and sometimes they get seriously injured doing it - look at all the funniest home video shows!! This situation is one where the poor so and so did a stupid thing and got killed. The fish came out on top. Simple as that.

    It is a bit precious to get all choked up over something like this and I am sure that nobody actually wishes the person dead or anything like that - it has happened and there is nothing that can be done about it now, so why not have a joke. Our little bit of gallows humour is not hurting anyone - is it?! I am sure nobody means any disrespect by it, unlike the way Germaine Greer attacked Steve Irwin in a vitriollic piece of nasty, vindictive atack.

    To leave you with a thought, an old family friend once said to me when I was going off about someone doing something stupid, "Don't knock stupidty, son. It is nature's way of culling idiots."


    Live every day as if it's your last - for one day you're sure to be right!

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    Re: Fish kills spear-fishing diver

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    Re: Fish kills spear-fishing diver

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    Re: Fish kills spear-fishing diver

    very well said-written rough-shag . i couldn,t agree with you more. we all do stupid things which could have resulted in death , only through good luck not good management., and if we did die doing these stupid things we should get a laugh. its time people chilled out, and stopped taking everything so seriously, we still feel sorry for the poor unfortunate ,and wouldn,t wish it on anyone ,but hey shit happens . hubby

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    Re: Fish kills spear-fishing diver

    Sounds like a candidate for a 'Darwin Award'.

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