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    Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    On the news tonight, it was announced that the Cherry Venture wreck will be removed from the beaches of the Sunshine Coast. The reason cited was for safety. For someone who has grown up with this story of a wrecked ship during a storm in 1973, it is a sign of the times I guess where safety and public liability are placed ahead of history and tourism.


    The story of the Cherry Venture for those who do not know it.... #

    On July 6th, 1973, the Cherry Venture was driven aground in a wild storm at Double Island Point on Noosa's North Shore. The 1600 ton Singapore owned cargo ship, manned by 19 Malaysian, Filipino and Chinese crewmen with an Indonesian captain, was bound for Brisbane from New Zealand when it was caught in what was described as the worst storm in living memory. The first distress signals from the captain were picked up at 5:50 a.m. as the ship foundered in 12 meter waves and 140 kph winds. Seven hours later the ship ran aground after its anchor cable broke. It lay in n upright position on the beach facing South and continued to be buffeted by gale force winds and huge waves breaking over her. Two RAAF Iroquois helicopters were dispatched from Amberly Air Base at 9:30 a.m. that morning before the Cherry Venture ran aground but it took another six hours before they could reach the scene because of the continuing intensity of the storm

    Displaying extraordinary flying skills in the atrocious conditions, with visibility at less than 200 metres, the RAAF helicopter crews safely winched all crewmen from the ship and shuttled them to nearby Tin Can Bay. The entire rescue took two hours. There was no loss of life. Attempts were made to refloat the Cherry Venture by digging out sand from around it and filling the excavation with water. Although the vessel was able to be turned around, it was not able to be pulled back out to sea and the idea was abandoned. Since then, the rusting red wreck of the Cherry Venture has become a tourism landmark on the North Shore of the Sunshine Coast and is a favourite stopping off place for visitors from throughout Australia and all around the world.

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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.


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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    I remember when it was afloat and they had plans of dragging it out to sea many years ago. Another icon to go down in the "just a memory "

    Was very dangerous last time i say it.

    Avast ye matey!

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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    i can see where they are comming from, but i think its a damn shame to remove it


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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    Well that's a shame. I used to love hitting the beach and taking the kids to see it. I guess we will just have to enjoy the Maheno Wreck on Fraser Island while it lasts.


    He who aims at nothing is sure to hit it.

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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    I can remember heading up to see the thing the week it grounded way back in 73. Friends of ours had just bought a Jeep CJ6 and that was one of its early forays onto sand.
    I can not for the life of me start to understand why they are moving it for safety reasons. Are they going to now cut all the trees down too because someone kid may climb one and fall out. It's high time individuals took responsibility for their actions. If my kids were up there and climbed the thing and fell off it I wouldn't sue the Govt, they never pushed the kid to climb it >
    All rights and no responsibility...too American

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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    thats just stupid - might be time to friggin' dynamite the rocks on the southern side of north gorge at point lookout - 3 guys were killed in the last 2 years on them.

    or lets ban the mexican wave because idiots throw rubbish - how about we punish the idiots not make excuses or try and protect them from being idiots -

    once upon a time idiots were removed from our gene pool by natural selection - if you annoy the polar bear for fun .... - now we are protecting them.


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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    Quote Originally Posted by CHRIS aka GWH

    once upon a time idiots were removed from our gene pool by natural selection - if you annoy the polar bear for fun .... - now we are protecting them. #

    Totally agree with that..I think our kids will be OK, mine are fairly sensible and have loads of common sense unlike several you see today.

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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    Real bloody shame that.
    Spent a lot of my life up there and will be disapointing to see it gone . It was only a couple of weeks ago i found this coloured photo of the Cherry Venture among the family photos which was back in the early 80's. What was more amazing was that my Mother said she had done a painting of the Cherry Venture which looked very similar to the photo. I asked where it was and she said in storage would you like it - ahhhhhh yes pleaseeeeeee . You should see the painting it looks just like the photo- no joke . fantastic painting. Talk about a happy camper.

    Regards Greg The place for wicked fish pics, articles and DVD's. Your ultimate reef fishing DVD "Double Island Point & Beyond" on sale now.

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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    Good pic Greg. I remember sitting on my brothers shoulders about that time and carving my name into the stack.

    Avast ye matey!

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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    That brings a tear to the eye, memories, light the corner.........
    Top pic

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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    is the mahino next?????? hope not.



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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    memories are good,, but at the end of the day ""public liability"" wins,,

    i read about this in the SCD today,,, and the main reason why it has appeared as a major risk is due to the exposed asbestos that is coming from the engine room,,, (whats left of it)

    the amount of cuts and injuries in total due to buried metal etc around he wreck is also growing,,, so its only a matter of time before someone does some serious damage,,, or picks up a piece of ""fluffy"" stuff and sues the crap outta council,,,,

    its going to take a while though to take it out,,, and of course due to jan/feb being normal storm and high tide season,,, may take a bit longer than planned??????????

    can it get any better??????????????,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    How about cutting it up into six chunks and tow it out were it would be
    more usefull in making some reefs. Its not an Australian vessel, so get ridd of it, to me its just an eye sore, and a danger too others.

    signed tunaman

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    Re: Cherry Venture Wreck to be removed.

    Last time over at Tangalooma seeing people climb all over the wrecks there, I was wondering how much longer they will be around for as well.

    Memory of the Cherry Venture (warning 1.7 Mb Image)

    tried resizing but the panorama loses a lot

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