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Thread: Dissapointed

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    Gidday all,
    It was with dissapointment that after such a nice afternoon in and around Jabiru yesterday we witnessed a group of 4 idiots in a hire tinny empty their days drinking empty tins straight into the water,we collected what we could but some did reach the manroves which we couldn't get.We came home with no fish or crabs but it was a pleasant day until then.

    Does anyone know who hires little green tinnies on the northern end of the coast and the phone number(there was a ph number on the tinnie but to far for me to make out clearly).I'm not going to give this business a blast,i just want to let him know what some of his clients are doing.

    Bream Reaper

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    Re: Dissapointed

    Good luck, Bream, unfortunately some people are always on their worst behaviour when away on holidays!

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    Re: Dissapointed

    Gotta wonder sometimes do they come to enjoy or destroy?

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    Re: Dissapointed

    Always the same it seems everywhere always the minority who spoils it for the majority >
    CALL SIGN : JT OR SC552(social club member)

    There is a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot

    I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges

    Up here we Use Hussar as baits for real RED FISHS (SHSIIFDER)

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    Re: Dissapointed

    the funny thing is people go to these places for the surrounding. yet they distroy it it doesnt make sense to me.
    it actually angers me


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    Re: Dissapointed

    Recreatioin means Wreck some di**heads seem to think anyway....


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    Re: Dissapointed

    maybe people need to think for a minute about where the people come from, could well have been a few local boys out for a good time. not always the tourist

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    Re: Dissapointed

    wankers , hope karma gets them >
    Gold Coast , Queensland. Paradise!

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    Re: Dissapointed

    Whenever you can just pick up the rubbish right in front of them and don't say a word. I like to hope that there is always at least one person in the group that gets the picture, and who knows you may just change someone elses outlook on life for the better.
    Violence and Anger breeds Anger and Violence, Just show that you are the bigger and better man by doing the right thing.


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    Re: Dissapointed

    What would possibly make people do something as irrepsonsible as that? I guess sadly we have to share this world with people who have absolutely no regard for anyone or anything in this world. One consolation is that yes there are some total morons but in the recreational fishing world I know the majority will do the right thing and dispose of their rubbish thoughtfully.


    He who aims at nothing is sure to hit it.

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    Re: Dissapointed

    gday all,

    i did what you said one day at sandgate dave - these no brainers dumped their used fish and chips containers in the water. i quietly waded in and picked it up, only to be told by knucklehead number 1 that i should leave it there as i should 'mind my own business'. suffice to say words were exchanged and we nearly went for it - lucky his lady friend was there to 'hold him back'. just animals and it erks me to tears whenever i see it around the place. you're right, that is exactly what should be done, but some neanderthals will look for any excuse for a blue, so be careful. especially when youre hugely outnumbered.


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    Re: Dissapointed

    Very wise words cuzza, seriously, these people are not worth your trouble.
    IMO fishphfile has nailed it.
    Some people unfortunately suffer from a lack of self respect, which not only hurts them but others also.
    If they are lucky, with age comes wisdom.
    Not always the case, unfortunately, but, goddammit, you get that!
    Mate, you are obviously doing the right thing, and in a way, I think you are 'carrying' their burden for them.
    Fortunately YOUR shoulders are wide enough.
    Yeh, does make you spit, but!

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    Re: Dissapointed

    the worst part about it is that there everywhere ,there like bloody flies,if you dumped it on there front lawn theyd be down your throat

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    Re: Dissapointed

    Fortunately these yobos were in a hire boat which hopefully means they were on there only nautical outing for the year.

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    Re: Dissapointed

    I'm more than bloody dissapointed.............I feel like packing it in altogether. I've just got back from a camping trip on short Island and the crap there was unbelievable. The kids couldn't even paddle because of the glass on the beach. Colac girl spent 4 days trying to clean it up but more was uncovered with every low tide. After my experience at frazer this was all I needed to start a new year >

    I have to assume that the original huts on there (correct me if I'm wrong) were set up by a "responsible" fishing club. "Responsible" my arse! They buried all their crap and even laid the concrete slabs with a foundation of bottles to save on concrete. Of course, the banks have eroded and there's more than 200 metres of beach littered with glass and chunks of concrete..........add to that the subsequent crap that others have left behind........we couldn't bring it all out with us and I reckon it'd take 4 blokes a week to clean the place up. The surrounding areas of Slipping sands and now crusoe is beginning to look the same.

    I wonder if it really is a minority that let us down or is it rather more like us responsible Ausfishers are the minority and the majority fishos that we don't know are the wankers.

    A dissilusioned kev

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