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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    ancienttinnie..I had no intention of interrupting them...I am one of those people that does not complain to the manager or to anyone else in the business concerned...I am just one of those people that quietly walks out the door never to return. At this time of year I am lucky to get one day a fortnight off working myself so I am really not into creating a scene or anything like that which wastes my time..I just want to purchase what I want and go on my way. There are a lot like me out there.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Amen PinHead

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I have been to the lawton store twice now and have found the same problem that everyone seems to. i couldnt find a staff member anywhere to help me. this didnt bother me at this stage so i walked back to the front thinking there mite be someone who could help me there yet there was only staff on the tills. i finnaly spotted a young guy there who i thought could help me with some questions but as soon as i started to walk towards him he turned and went the othe way like he didn't want to serve me. by this time i had been there for 20 mins and i was over waiting so i left. there would have to be a big improvement before i will go back.

    i am sure bcf is a great place if u no what u want and just simply want to "cash and carry!" but if u are after service i strongly recemend u stick with ur local guys who have been doing what they do for years.

    after all if these big chain stores put all the local smaller guys out of bussiness, what are all us fisho's going to do when we need some good advice?

    i guess the moral to the story is if u want some good advice (and i'm sure we all do from time to time) stick to the local boys who are willing to help us when they can. that way we can ensure that their advice will be there for all of us in the future

    Good fishing everyone

    Bill Collector

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Spot on Juicyfruit, and needed saying (you beat me to it)

    I've spent time in retail sales, and have found that on the whole, those who do the most shouting are simply the more forceful kind of person as opposed to what has been suggested here as the one with least grievance or more rude.

    If it gets to a stage where a customer is butting in, then that is more than likely out of sheer frustration at not being attended to correctly/appropriately.

    As for the $2 /$200 comparison ancienttinnie, that's irrelevant............every buck pays your wages, keeps you and your peers in work, and is of equal worth, as is the person tendering it. One thing I learned in sales was to look after the "bread and butter" person and the rest is icing on the cake.

    If you view with disdain the small spender or the most troublesome then you shouldn't be in sales where "the customer is always right". It's "nice to be nice" and that is simply the easiest, best, and most approriate response to disarm even the most obnoxious of customers.

    Pay them attention, irrespective of your personal feelings and watch their attitude change. Ignore them, argue with them, pay attention to your colleagues antics instead of the customer's antics and the business will go nowhere. I'm not saying it won't succeed but "difficult" people abound nowadays due to modern pressures and they are a good slice of the market. Tap into 'em and you will succeed further.



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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Quote Originally Posted by PinHead

    <snip> There are a lot like me out there.
    Oh Nooooooooooo! Aaaaaaaargh! <joke>

    Spot on mate. Me too. If they don't want to know, then neither do I. Life's too short to be getting into hassle when shopping. I just walk. OTOH, I walk too if the salesman is *too* pushy and this is where things can go wrong. They sometimes come across as trying to push a sale as opposed to simply trying to help. Perhaps that's why some salespersons aren't helpful? They're afraid of seeming to be pushy?


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    The townsville store is sparsely staffed but I must say that the staff who are there are knowledgeble about their stock.

    I was impressed with variation in supplies for trailers and the prices appeared to be very competitive for this region. $55 for an 18x24 heavy duty silver/green tarp seemed good to me.

    I guess time will tell...It's nice to have a larger supplier here, we seem to get forgotten by many, even though we have the largest proportion of boaties to population.
    May the winds blow lightly upon your sails
    May the seas buffet gently upon your hull
    May your chiller be full of piscatorial delights

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I cannot believe the activity this thread has stirred up....obviously the advertising has worked, because such a large number of us have been there for a look.

    Unfortunately, not a high percentage like what they saw and if BCF are to grow and survive, they need to modify their business model. Hope the senior management of BCF are following this. This valuable customer feedback would cost them tens of thousands to get from a research company !!!!

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Feel the same way about being forgotten by many, living here in Mackay, we use to and still do to some extent, order things in from Rocky, Townsville and further a field. At times it could be a down right inconvenience.

    With the expanding population here, the arrival of such shops as BCF and the likes are popping up everywhere (‘superstores’).

    Seems lack of staffing and staffing knowledge is the new inconvenience.

    All that needs to happen with these superstores is for them to adopt some good old fashion service....sure it will boost their sales.

    *sigh* I miss the way Mackay use to be, time to move


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Super Cheap Auto boss drops down a gear

    Liliana Molina


    THE face of Super Cheap Auto has resigned from the company he nurtured from a small Brisbane chain to a listed international retailer.

    Managing director Bob Thorn, who has starred in the company's television ads, yesterday said he was leaving after 13 years at the helm to spend more time with his young family.

    Chief financial officer Peter Birtles, who has been with the company for five years, will be his replacement. The resignation and lower than expected first-half sales figures wiped more than 10 per cent off the share price, which closed down 29˘ at $2.55. The shares were trading between $3.20 and $3.40 in the 2005 first quarter.

    The weak Christmas trading period and slow NZ sales dropped like-for-like sales by 0.5 per cent, although group sales were up by 14.3 per cent to $264.7 million.

    Its new $27.5 million 12-store BCF venture reported sales of $18.5 million, which is forecast to grow by at least $5 million to $45 million in the full 2006 financial year but Mr Birtles last month said he expected losses of $5 million this year because of setting up the chain.

    Mr Thorn said he had been pondering his future since taking an extended break late in 2004.

    The recent birth of his son and turning "the fearful 50" prompted him to start negotiations to get out of his contract three years early. He will retain his 4 million-plus shares.

    "I have a young son of only 10 months as well as two grown-up daughters and I haven't spent a lot of time with them," he said.

    "The business is in a strong position. I've set some other objectives for myself and the timing is very appropriate."

    He said he would take a break with his family and was considering expanding his Queensland cattle property interests.

    But he did not rule out returning to retailing in the future. He started his career working at David Jones and was the general manager of haberdashery chain Lincraft in Melbourne before returning to his home state.

    Mr Birtles, who confirmed he would not take Mr Thorn's place in the ads, said aggressive discounting among retailers had hurt the sector.

    "Retailers are having to work hard to get customers in the door," he said.

    The group would be undergoing a rebranding exercise and would consider further acquisitions.

    Burrell Stockbroking analyst Bruce McLeary said discretionary retailers were suffering the most because of the slowdown in consumer spending.

    The rollout of BCF stores would be an "expensive exercise" for Super Cheap.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    We Aussies seem to be turning into a pack of whingers and want want want, especially service that doesnt exist anymore.
    The days of good service in any store has gone by the way side, and its all caused by todays modern society, fast pace and the all mighty dollar.
    Except for thesmall stores, where good service is required to keep loyal customer and the cash register ticking over, otherwise they are swept away by the big conglomerants, and there isnt too many these days that can compete with bigger store prices.
    Walk into any multi lane store these days and forget the service, their there for one reason sell sell sell.
    The style of the new BCF stores is what most want these days, its all under the one roof, it saves on travel, its more convient to buy under the one roof then several.
    But like any new super store opening, you cannot expect them to clikck there fingers and produce staff that are conversant or experienced.
    Bunnings killed off most small hardware stores and BCf will do the same to the small tackle shops, even the big opposition is hurting.
    When was the last time you got bowser service from a garage???
    If you want good service go back to the 70-80's its your only chance, and lets stop all this whinging, modern socity brought it upon themselves

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I have had my little bitch about BCF on here previously but hey everyone has
    a different story and alot of them good report's so i bit the bullet last night as
    im taking my girls to the Aussie Fishing Park this saturday i thought that Sage
    & Talia could do with a small spinning outfit and why not try BCF maybe i have
    caught them on a bad day before.... Well once in the store all i could see was
    shopping trolley's everywhere filled with stock starting to look very familiar and
    well i dont know who is running the store but there combo's were just thrown
    together i think the Shimano and Jarvis Walker combos were good but hey they buy them as combo's but really would you put a abu 6500 on to a 15kg
    stand up stick i lost interest my daughters on the other hand had a ball in the
    tent's but what bugged me the most was i got asked if i was right after being in the store for 45 minutes and i said yeah wheres your killalure's oh sorry sir
    we dont sell them and walked off behold behind him thats where they were so
    i think now i might just not go back there until they know what there doing.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I think the main concern I have is not the lack of service as I usually know what I want but the attitude of the staff who seemed to ignore the customers. This does not happen in a supermarket etc. Staff are thin on the ground but only too happy to assist. I think my biggest dissapointment was the pricing. They are not even close to the Mart that shall not be named. There you do not expect service but get better pricing.


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Quote Originally Posted by bungie
    Was bugger all workers in the store,
    LOL yeah I was the only guy on the floor until 12pm. Come say g'day if ya pop in again

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I went to the Cannon Hill Store yesterday. Didn't see any staff approach people at all. Good range of stuff, but don't be fooled by virtue it is a Super Cheap Auto Company. They are NOT necessarily cheaper than the small stores. I have my eye on a Coleman 2 burner Cooker (1xburner, 1xgrill plate) The Down Under Store at Capalaba is $129 and BCF are $140.

    The old adage that you have to shop around still rings true

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Like anything to do with Super Cheap, their "Brand-X" stuff is pretty cheap, but anything with a name brand is as dear as poison. Their product range on certain items does leave a bit to be desired at times. Whilst some of the staff are quite knowledgeable, some of the younger staff look and sound like they would be more at home across the road selling "kick-ass" car stereos and sub woofers to young blokes with "fully sick" cars.


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