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Thread: Your thoughts on BCF

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I went to the Capalaba store after seeing all the advertising on Telly and that was my first and last trip!!
    They had kids serving who couldn't give a rats about looking after the customers and the "ginormous" stocks of everything just weren't there!
    The prices - especially the lures and reels - were way over the top and what bait they had was pretty crappy!
    This gang is going to get their act together or they will finish up like Clarke Rubber did some years back when they also employed young kids to with no experience.
    They have now scrapped this idea and are quite good stores again..ya find the same in Hardware Stores as well..............

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    They fill a need for some, those looking to browse all day for something to do, just like Bunnings. However, Bunnings has worked because they generally seem to employ the older assistants, who have some cred and knowledge.

    BCF is set up like its parent Super Cheap...which by the way is NOT a multi-national unless you count a couple of stores in NZ, they are a Qld company that grew up and listed on the stock exchange....but thy seem to have stalled a bit lately, and I think they sell crap at "not cheap" prices, with no service or expertise. But these types of stores are good when they have an advertised where can you buy Fireline for $15??

    It won't replace the local tackle store, but it will shake up the "do not metion its name mart"

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    emailed thread address to steve doyle. he has looked at it said thanks for heads up and will discuss same with his managers/staff. He also said thank you.
    Any fishing is good fishing (should probably say Any fishing is...probably going to be illegal soon)

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I like the range, but cannot believe you cannot get simple things like a block of pillies. I asked one of the staff if they had a block as i was going to use it as burley. He directed me to a packet of 10 long life pillies for $11.00 and said they were good. I figured that was going to be an expensive burley trail and it dawned on me quickly, that maybe the person serving did not know as much as he let on.

    It is helpful having all the boating, camping and fishing gear together but.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Quote Originally Posted by essky

    It is helpful having all the boating, camping and fishing gear together but.
    Its' major drawcard IMO. While I've always had a few camping store options in my area, my "local" tackle shop and marine supplier are miles away.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I havent been in a BCF store and just from reading this thread I will not be wasting my time even looking in there. Service is the most important asset a business has, if they can not provide the basics then they do not deserve my time or money.


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Quote Originally Posted by Mad_fisherman
    [quote author=HarryO link=1136774559/15#25 date=1136783878]Hi all...

    BCF owned by supercheap auto (Reg and Hazel Rowe)

    I've been down to our local (Cannon Hill) 3 times for a
    browse only, and they appear to be more expensive
    on most items...
    I've found "Bloody Incredibly Anal Service"
    doesn't honour their guarantee to match
    competitor prices like they advertise they do,
    Whitworths will, but do so reluctantly, and treat you like
    a bit of a leper for asking them to do so.
    (Hey, its my money, gotta keep'em honest)

    I found myself mixing it between the local bloke for terminal tackle,
    A "well advertised" sports store for rods'n'reels (only when they're on sale)
    and Glascraft for all the boating bits.

    I have shopped at both Labrador and Browns plains stores and everytime they have been more then helpful and always up for a good old chat about fishing and whats on. If you shop at labrador go and speak to a bloke called Brad top bloke and knows what he is on about.

    As for the browns plains store speak to a big fella there called Dave or the manager Mark they are both more then help full even if you only buying some $2 hooks or spending $1000 there always excellent and there service is faultless

    As for the coment about them not beating prices well that is a total load of Crap. I priced a tackle bag at a store with a Big A and some kind of mart about it. it was $99 BCF did not have the model but the model above it for $149 and they sold it to me for $99 not only did they give me the same price they also gave me the model above.

    As i stated i have found these lads at both the stores nothing but more then helpful and always Cheerful and happy and will to talk shop. But then again i am not afraid to look like a dick if i do not know something i go up and ask if i want to knwo something i Go and ASK. we complain about people stackign shelves etc. Well they do not stack themselves also i have asked people who have been stackign the shelves about gear and they have taken me and shown me etc.........




    G'day MAD....

    Wasn't talking about BCF not matching prices...

    Rather "Bloody Incredibly Anal Service"...

    Should read more carefully before slinging off.


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I was just stating my experiences there sorry if you took offence mate


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I'll have to drive the 2 hours to Mackay before i can give you my opinion

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    My personal experience has been that BCF don't even match prices, let alone beat them. I was in BCF Townsville just after it opened. I was helping a mate set up a tinnie, and was looking at nav lights, among other things. They seemed a bit too dear, but thinking they would match prices, went to the car and got out a 'Blinkingly Incredible Attitudinal $hithead' catalogue. Went back into the store, asked them to match the price. The 'manager' said "If it's not exactly the same brand with exactly the same number we won't match the price." I was not comparing an expensive, high quailty light with a cheap plastic one or something. The lights were very similar in construction and size, and I believed that I was being fair in asking for a price match. That was enough for me to go elsewhere. My thoughts ran along the lines of 'what are they going to say if you have a problem with a product and want a replacement or refund?' I haven't been back, and won't be back until convinced that the fundamental character of the store management has improved.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Your right about the under 18's club. I'm not having saying that young people can't fish but I know I'd rather talk to people who actually own boats themselves and have an idea of the equipment that suppose to go in them. Wanted to buy a deck wash pump before christmas and the 17 or 18yr old guy that was helping me knew squat about them. Customer service is the key. I also rang them before going to pick the pump up (bit of a drive to my BCF) to make sure it was still there and he said they were all gone. I thought that was pretty funny so I drove out there from within 2 hours of ringing and there was 5 on the shelf. They might want to look at there customer service a little more.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Quote Originally Posted by brettrock
    I'll have to drive the 2 hours to Mackay before i can give you my opinion

    i hope your not coming in just for that

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Your right about the under 18's club. I'm not having saying that young people can't fish but I know I'd rather talk to people who actually own boats themselves and have an idea of the equipment that suppose to go in them
    Different stores fill different niches - I think it's good that these store employ young people - I know I would have rather worked at BCF than Woolworths when I was young. Maybe they just need a little balance or TRAIN their staff. Young people are often enthusiastic, which is both good and bad. Good from the perspective that they'll run around and help you without makign you feel like an idiot and bad that many people don't 'trust' their input because they're often too enthusiastic to make a sale or help you buy something. I've had a few examples lately where I try to pick the more experienced looking staff member for assistance with something I don't know too much about - often ambushed by a younger staff member though.

    I like the young ones when I know what I'm looking for.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I forgot to mention - don't read too much into age in relation to knowledge. It's just that older people generally feel more comfortable dealing with people of similar age or older - it's the perception of knowledge / experience that counts in retail sales.

    Young people often feel intimidated by older staff too.

    Usually higher value (cost) items require older sales people (generally) as "perception" is important. Could a 19 year old sell a houses/s - yes, but you'd possibly feel more comfortable if they were selling you a burger and fries.

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