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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Hi all
    well i have seen that some of you have had bad experiences with some B.C.F stores the one at Browns Plains has been top service all the way it will always come back to management an how they teach there staff or if the staff is to young without experinence in talking an handling customers, i have also dealt with our Bais store at Underwood have brought gear from both and both with good customer service an knowledge, but my main Fishing takle and rods i will always buy from Beenleigh Bait and Tackle like Juicy first name base an old fashion service is great if we look after the little guy's they will always look after you this has been proven time again if some thing is wrong they will go out of there way to help or fix the problem but the big guy's will just not give a damn until you jump up an down an the other way to look at it is if the little guy's are still around then they will give the big guy's a run for there money an keeping them honest to a certain degree with out the little guy's the big guy's would dictate the prices without giving one thought to anyone


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Quote Originally Posted by PinHead
    I went to the Keperra shop yesterday....spent quite a bit of time there and not one staff member asked if they could be of any assistance. I went to ask for some help but there were about 3 staff members standing near the checkout having a good ol natter and a giggle so I thought the better of disturbing their good time. I put back on the shelves what I had already gathered and left. Went to the tackle shop at the Bald Hills great service and everything that I wanted..spent just under $400.00...seems like BCF does not need the money...too busy enjoying themselves to bother attending to customers..I won't be going back there.
    Right there with you PinHead.Went in to the above mentiond store to buy a few things and had exatly the same experience.Walked out of there after 45 min and spent my money elsewhere.
    Another thing that annoyed me was the fact that there are no prices on the rods.If you know roughly what you want and how much you are going to spend all the service in the world won't make a difference(if you can get some service)
    Scott,Chemmy and Unlucky Phill maybe you should show this thread to your manager and see what he/she has to say about it.
    I for one will continue to go where i receive good customer service.
    In one particular B Mart store i have had one young sales guy ask me if i needed any help.It soon came apparent that he didn't know a great deal about fishing and i think i helped him out more than he helped me but he was interested in listening in what i had to say and the whole time i was there he did his best to help me.
    Cheers Dazza

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    woo woo woo you lot

    Settle down.

    The whole idea of this company is to give you good products at a good price.

    If it is service and lip service at that that you require go to uncle bobs hick ville tackle store

    If you want fireline at slightly above market price now that the free trade agreement with the US is in then go and get it cheap.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Quote Originally Posted by HarryO
    Hi all...

    BCF owned by supercheap auto (Reg and Hazel Rowe)

    I've been down to our local (Cannon Hill) 3 times for a
    browse only, and they appear to be more expensive
    on most items...
    I've found "Bloody Incredibly Anal Service"
    doesn't honour their guarantee to match
    competitor prices like they advertise they do,
    Whitworths will, but do so reluctantly, and treat you like
    a bit of a leper for asking them to do so.
    (Hey, its my money, gotta keep'em honest)

    I found myself mixing it between the local bloke for terminal tackle,
    A "well advertised" sports store for rods'n'reels (only when they're on sale)
    and Glascraft for all the boating bits.

    I have shopped at both Labrador and Browns plains stores and everytime they have been more then helpful and always up for a good old chat about fishing and whats on. If you shop at labrador go and speak to a bloke called Brad top bloke and knows what he is on about.

    As for the browns plains store speak to a big fella there called Dave or the manager Mark they are both more then help full even if you only buying some $2 hooks or spending $1000 there always excellent and there service is faultless

    As for the coment about them not beating prices well that is a total load of Crap. I priced a tackle bag at a store with a Big A and some kind of mart about it. it was $99 BCF did not have the model but the model above it for $149 and they sold it to me for $99 not only did they give me the same price they also gave me the model above.

    As i stated i have found these lads at both the stores nothing but more then helpful and always Cheerful and happy and will to talk shop. But then again i am not afraid to look like a dick if i do not know something i go up and ask if i want to knwo something i Go and ASK. we complain about people stackign shelves etc. Well they do not stack themselves also i have asked people who have been stackign the shelves about gear and they have taken me and shown me etc.........



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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Quote Originally Posted by Bream_Reaper01
    The northern Gold Coast store is the main one i'm talking about.

    How come we can't mention names of tackle stores?
    I have Shopped at the labrador store about 6 times and ever time they have been excellent even to the extent where they have spent time talking tatics about spots etc.. Next time you go there Ask for a bloke called brad he is about 30 odd top bloke and knows what he is on about!

    And his service is diffecult to fault.



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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Oscar 22
    If they are not into customer service why dont they put prices on their products so we can atleast service ourselves.After all if you know what you want all you really need to know is the price of the item but in the Keperra store you get neither.
    Cheers Dazza

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I work at the capalaba store and am one of the old campmarters. Good to see only one negative reply in regard to the store i work at. I would consider our service at capalaba at least to be up there with the best at any store, if we are not busy we normally greet customers at the door and at least everyone is offered assitance atleast once unless theyre tucked away in some corner hiding from us or make a beeline upstairs and hide in tents. Of course the simple solution if you want assitance is to ask. Yes some of the prices are more expensive but most are about the same and some are cheaper. Just because the one item you looked at was over priced doesn't mean the rest are. Yes alot of the staff are only young but with any new store you need to get staff members from somewhere and we are training them up. Also I'd challenge alot of you older gentlemen to forget your pride and actually ask for assitance from some of the younger staff (beleive it or not you actually become familiar with alot of stock when you work at an outdoors store). Simon and Glen are there on the weekdays and know there camping inside and out and there is always at least one fishing staff member. Anyway if you are there on a weekend and you see me (cant miss me, short fella, blue shirt, yellow name badge that says Jeremy) i'll be putting round somewhere in the fishing section trying to get some order back into the stock.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I have found the Capalaba store staff very keen to help but as Jeremy is implying, I guess, they probably have a core of the old CampMart people there who have already teamed and know whats what. On the other hand, the Cannon Hill store is brand new with obviously new people still learning the ropes and I have not received great service there - not that I have been especially seeking any, anyway, but no one has volunteered to help when I have been looking at stuff.

    On my most recent major purchase, their (Capalaba) floor price was cheaper than most stores around the area but was really put to shame by Sundown Marine's floor price, even without the recent encouraging discounts for Ausfishers. Once, I mentioned Ausfish at Sundown, of course the price came down even further - game, set and match really. Even though I am a southside resident, it was worth the drive.

    Like others on this thread, BIAS has not convinced me. They are just another retailer and in my experience, not in the league of Whitworths in terms of their knowledgeable helpfulness. I received some pretty lame advice there last year regarding reef anchors, chain, rope - ie what size would I need for my boat.

    I wish that the boating shops would badge their staff with badges to tell customers of their expertise - ie sailing, powered boats or whatever so you don't ask a sailor something about fishing boats.

    BTW, the price that continues to shock me is for the downrigger that I imported from Cabelas in the USA for AUD$187 landed to my home last Christmas. I saw this at BCF for $499 which is the price that I saw elsewhere 12 months ago. Someone in the supply chain is having a go at us on that sort of price, I reckon.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    While i was in the store i am refering to in my post on this thread i asked for assistance twice but after 40min i put an item i was holding back on the shelf and walked out.I have also read plenty of positive feedback on other BCF stores so maybe it is just a few that need sorting very rarely hear about good service but you will always hear about bad service.
    Cheers Dazza

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I have probably spent over $800 dollars at the lawnton shop since its opened, although i have only bought items that i have researched and found they are no cheaper anywhere else. I found the customer service up to sh!t. I have probably been there in excess of 15 times and have never been asked am if i need any help. As other member have said there is youngins running around giggling and talking cr4p instead of helping customers. And at the checkout it is like being served by a galah. I am in the market for a new flcik stick and i am looking at spending around 400-500 clams, i guarentee you this large company wont be getting this, i will be going to the tackle shop at carseldine, top blokes there and very helpfull.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Also kev i think i know the bloke your talking about that used to run the hypermarket fishing section. One of the most helpfull people ive ever met.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I tend to think BCF is way over priced, but if your looking for boating gear, you can't go past bias at slacks creek, there is a bloke there named Craig and he will bend over backwards to help you.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    2DKnB, As for the prices on the rods, thats getting done as we speak. Being a new store as it only opened around christmas time we havent had much of a chance to put the prices on everything. We're basically still getting all sorted out, but we are getting there.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    no good showing link to Mr Bob Thorn,he has taken his bat and ball and departed the co.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    not quite sure quoted a price for a transducer and bit and pieces 197.00 can get the same bits elsware for $124.00


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