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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Quote Originally Posted by BaitThrower View Post
    On the subject of local tackle shops snubbing customers, I went to Fish Head at Vic Pt for the first time the other day...

    Got smiles from Duncan and Janelle as soon as we walked in the door, headed over to the bait freezer, and Duncan came up and offered his assistance and the latest verbal fishing report, as well as great advice as to the best bait to use and where to go to find some fish. His information was pretty good too. Couldn't be happier. And his frozen bait prices are as good (if not better) as anywhere else! Will definitely go back everytime I use the Vic Pt ramp.
    Well done Fish Head team!

    (no affiliation etc)
    That is pretty standard at Fish Head in my experience, alway a hello, info and advice freely given. Always a pleasure to go in there.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    hey guys, now im not totally against bcf however i do think some shops are better then others. my local shop in capalaba are not any help even when your not after advice, they still dont know where anything is, so now neadless to say we dont bother asking anymore. however i know that other shops ive been to like sunny coast and gold coast shops are lots of help, all in all i reckon its not a bad shop as far as stock and price, but i reckon staff can let them down
    but ile still shop there so cant be that bad

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    Thumbs up Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    yer i dont mind fish head although i rarely go there, but when i have theyve been helpfull, but other then that budds is a local favourite and i stop in there sometimes for a chat even when im not heading out..

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