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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Well, i've been to my 2 local ones...(capalaba and cannon hill) for a good suss out of prices and range. Range is good, service is shocking and prices well... dont bother. I know of another chandlery/boat yard on the southside who display BCF catalogues in their store so customers can compare. I will stay loyal to my local tackle shop because i always get helped out on allready cheap items, service is excellent and range is good.
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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I like BFC but I pick my marks.

    Epirb on special for $179 was great, but they were outa stock and still gave it to me for $179 when then got it in after xmas. Skirt lure for $20 was about $5 too much. Spare fuel cans for $19 were good, knifes for $20 were rubbish.
    Etc, etc.

    Know your prices. Shop around. BFC will match prices too. There are ausfish members working there (Labrador).


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Found the one at Lawnton to look more like a garage sale than a store, stock is all over the place, bits and pieces all over the floor, marked prices are few and far between, though there is one guy there who works on the weekends who is very helpful with fishing information.

    They certainly though are maximising there exposure and sales and marketing to ensure though they will remain a significant player in the market, short on customer service though.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Quote Originally Posted by gogecko


    There are ausfish members working there (Labrador).

    Perhaps a word in the right place from these members will have BFC lifting their game then?

    I did get it from an employee that current negotiations in China by BFC, will have them stocking (within 6 months) items at considerably lower prices than the opposition. IOW, they are doing a Super Cheap.


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Well, no offence to the ausfishers that work at labrador, but i get a sick feeling going into that store now... i spent about an hour trying to find a rod, which was marked on the rack with a price etc...

    If you ask for something that is in a locked cabinet, may as well pull out one of the camp chairs and take a seat because it has taken way way too long on the 2 occasions that ive wanted something out of there... (flares and epirb)

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    The BCF i visited was very ORDINARY. I was there with a mate for over an hour looking at rods (only cos i was given a voucher for BCF for Xmas) and not one person offerred any advice or assistance. They even walked past us at times with no offer to help. I certainly won't be going back to any of their stores. IMO, support your local tackle store, they're the ones who need it and the ones who actually know what they are talking about, not some giant multi-national company.

    My two bobs worth.


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Hey guys. Some of these replys are really bad lol. Was pretty interested in some of the replys about the Keperra shop as i work there. Especially the reply about a few ppl having a chat down the front while customers are in the store. Ill mention it to the guys but it can be pretty slow some days. If your in the shop come up and have a chat with a few of us. Michael(chemmy), Phil (unlucky_phil) and me all work there.


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I've only been in once (labrador branch) nearly fell over when I saw the range, thought I was in fishos heaven. Service seemed ok and the guy I spoke to about sp's and lures seemed to know his stuff. If they're owned by Supercheap I hope they don't end up with the same level of service, as supercheap employees wouldn't have a clue. Loved the big plasma on the wall with big Rod Harrison doco's showing. Next time i'm takin' a esky and chair. I used to own a bait & tackle shop & know the pressure the bigger stores can put on the little guy but my local store has nothing in stock so I don't feel so bad about shopping at BCF.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I tend to agree with most regarding BCF .I have only been to 2 stores Labrador and Browns Plains and found them overpriced and a total lack of customer support .
    The future lies with our local guys.
    cheers Terry
    Cheers Tezza

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    i went to the one on the sunshine coast to buy some mono line but was told every one uses braid and dont use bait... lures are the only way they fish well what a load of shat ...multi nationals really crap me ...put the small blokes out of business (who have local knowledge) then put up the prices..really passes me.... will we ever learn

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    feel better now that of my chest.....still rekon bcf fishing side of things is crap

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Maybe someone should email Bob Thorn, Managing Director of Supercheap or Steve Doyle, General Manager of BCF a link to this thread. They are business men after all and should take notice of public opinion.



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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Like a lot of the Ausfishers who've replied to this post, I'd prefer to support the smaller tacke shop where I feel I get much better service, and can have a chat about what they and I've been catching (often not much in my case ).

    Having said that, I work for a subsidiary of a very large multi-national corporation. If the locals don't purchase the products and services I have to offer, I'm pretty much stuffed. So, I think it's important to support the business' that support us, the customer. In other words, buy your stuff from the business that offers you the best of customer service and price. Just because a business is a multi-national doesn't mean they can't offer price and service. If they can't, then they've got their business model wrong and deserve to to fail.

    That's my two cents worth.

    Happy shopping people.


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    browns plains bcf got some of my money when first opened. to expensive and if more than 3 people in a row you got no chance of looking at what you want. wont get me back. rather get my fishing gear at am....t. the bias shop at kingston is pretty good

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Top shop indeed... Boating ,Camping ,Fishing all in one. labeled prices are not that flash. but if you don't ask you don't receive.... beter price that is. I managed to get $5 knocked off each Australian made lure last time i was in there. And the best thing about it ..... if you want 3 or 4 of the same lure size, colour ,depth etc, they got it. They have the biggest range and quantity of Halco RMG lures i've ever seen

    #Cheers Les

    "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

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