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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Quote Originally Posted by ColacGirl

    will have to make do covering old ground.
    That's what I think at of these days she'll wake up


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    That's why I enjoy this site so much !! The funny and witty comments !!

    I'll have to show this little exchange to wife when she gets home. She's gone shopping at Capalaba. Might see her tomorrow.


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Maybe she's shopping at BCF the TOL!!!

    And Cola - VERY nice response!

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Hi Dan,

    If she's shopping at the BCF, I hope she brings home a TLD 25 !! By the way, did you see that post where somebody's wife bought him a TLD 50 2 speed? BCF had one there last week. $750.00 !!!!!

    Loved the post about the interview.


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    A corker Dan.


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Hi all

    I have sat back and watched this thread from the time it was posted on the 9 january and some of the comments have surprised me. So i thought i would give you a locals point of veiw.
    1: Who is there at 5am in the morning on weekends when you need to go fishing. YOUR LOCAL
    2: Who is there at 7pm at night on weekends when you need to go fishing. YOUR LOCAL
    3: Who can tell you of the top of his head the tide times for the day. YOUR LOCAL
    4: Who has all the local knowledge on whats biting. #YOUR LOCAL
    5: Who can you go to and have a chat about your last fishing trip. YOUR LOCAL
    6: When your rod and reel need to be fixed where do you go. YOUR LOCAL
    7: When you need info on size and bag limits who do you ask. YOUR LOCAL

    Our very lively hood comes from you the public and we have to surply a service second to none.
    I am not saying just surport your local go to BCF and others and check out their prices but always ask your local if he or she can match the price or better still bet it before you buy. You will never know if you dont ask. Just remember that your local may have been in your area for 5.10.20 + years and if so the are there because they have given you the public a service that you expect.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Got any Mullet Gut??

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Being new to the Sunny Coast I am yet to find the tackle shops. I needed kids life jackets the other day and went to Whitworths. The initial treatment by one young female assistant had me seething and I almost walked out till a more mature sales person helped me with the purchase. Not happy with Whitworths.

    Went to a fishing tackle store in Nicklin Way and purchased some kit. Asked about Pumistone Passage and got a very gruff "woudn't have a clue" answer from the older sales person. That store is now out.

    Walked into BCF the other day and nearly wet myself at the range of gear. Couldn't care less at the age of the sales people or knowledge after the afore-mentioned tackle shop experience. If I need more advice I ask on here. To get boating, camping & fishing with such a wide range of stock is great IMO. Haven't bought enough to worry about prices yet but we will see if they negotiate when that time comes.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Know a guy who is a supplier to BCF. Has already been told (indirectly by staff) that his product will be replaced by a "BCF" brand made in China. This is exactly what Super Cheap did years ago. Who wants to buy a replica that is going to fall to pieces. Can imagine the warranty......

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    This is a sad way many business's are turning too - why = because customer's are continually demanding cheaper prices. Cheaper prices come from cheaper made products. How often i am standing in a resister line listening to people ask for a Def Com discount or discount in general. What other chain can bring all their gear under the one roof and satisfy 100% of their customers. Imported products are a fact in many business's. How else do business's pay their large bills, rent, marketing, wages, insurance etc etc. The problem is linked heavily to society, not a business issue at all!!! Retail outlets only sell products that their customer's are demanding, otherwise they would never sell a thing. After all, they provide the range, its your choice at the end of the day.
    Rod Bender.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    My partner was reading some of the feedback regarding bcf, and I'd like to offer a females point of view-
    I visited our local bcf store in search of the perfect Christmas present for my partner. Thankfully we'd been in together the week before and I roughly knew what he liked. After waiting over 10 minutes in the tackle box section, I had to track someone down at the front of the store for help. The response I got was "Our tackle bags are down the back near the beach rods" and something about they were all much the same. The young man then proceeded to walk over to an older man nearby to help him with fishfinders - leaving me to fend for myself in an area I know very little about! >Feeling a little peeved, I walked up to the front counter and asked the young lady if there was anyone who could give me some customer service, or my partner would not be getting a Christmas present! She quickly found me an older man who was more than happy to talk me through the various choices - and yes - my partner got himself a tacklebag for Christmas.


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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    Kirin, They had a meeting with all suppliers and told them they are going to do that, but will still have the good brands.They don't have to look far most overseas lures are bought in china and sold to anyone who wants them, some reels and rods are the same just put your own sticker on.
    Strange policy your local shop telling you to shop around , human nature makes you go back to the cheapest spot all the time
    regards gary

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    On the price point I bought a Shimano BC200 with matching Shimano rod for $89 from Eddie Riddles Pro Tackle here in Townsville, the same reel on a cheap Ugly look-a-like was $99 at BCF, many other reels were also 10 to 20 dearer than the locals, so much for bulk buying power.

    The tackle prices are not too much to get excited about thats for sure. I suppose the range and convenience of one-stop shopping is there, as I stated in my earlier post I had no pros with staff or their knowledge here in the Townsville store, but I would still shop at the local for anything other than bulk leads etc wich I usually get when K-Fart has their 30% sale....Lay-By is a great way to get a years supply in one hit without having to have the $$$$ there and then.

    May the winds blow lightly upon your sails
    May the seas buffet gently upon your hull
    May your chiller be full of piscatorial delights

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    I know this isnt to do with the tackle shop but
    I was in LORNE (start of the great ocean road tourism route) on satuerdfay and went into the LORNE PIER SEAFOOD SHOP think I may get a feed of fish and chips to eat whilst on the road. Walked in the door and asked the retailer if they sold what I was after or I was probable in the wrong shop (had some very nice looking fresh fish, cooked cray, prawns etc), Explained I was just after fish and chips. As I walked out the door, just outside (had them hangy fly stopper hanging in the door) he preceded to call me an imbosole. Blaze being Blaze, hot, hungry went straight back into that shop and told him IN A VERY POLITE WAY what a tasmanian thought of his comments and lack of respect for customers.

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    Re: Your thoughts on BCF

    been away for awhile and missed 1/2 the fun ....... local BCF (browns plains) has givin good service & saved some bucks .... the manager Mark has been more than helpful, some of the younger staff need to learn a bit. .............. as for employing only older staff, anyone who has employed on a large scale will know, that's just not legal ( & i don't think BCF made that law) as for young staff not knowing the answer to every Q? in the world , if you want that talk to YOUR teenage son or daughter i'm sure they will provided some pearls of wisdom for you to grasp, my teenagers know everything just ask em. as for price buy it , haggle , or go someplace else, but for god sake don't winge.

    my 2c E

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